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Unrequited Love

No words required as long as you play this as background music.


and then the sad ending….


Cake, sad, lonely, and alone in the dark.

lol. Okay, the cake left and was eaten, by neither Nicole nor myself. Construction husbands are prone to leave you high and dry in summertime at the last minute, but the cake made it there and I understand, so I wasn’t upset. Plus when I make a cake it takes hours and then I get anxiety in the final hour and hate it, and this one in particular was very ‘wing-it’-ed, all I knew for this bridal shower was the wedding colors, (and I only have the primary colors so this was pretty ehehe, I hope this works) and I couldn’t ask the bride to be since it was a surprise, so I was okay with not being there in case everyone was like, “Niiiiiiiice caaaaaaake….” *awkward silence* But the bride-to-be, who is marrying my cousin, said she loved it and it was delicious, so I’ll take it that Nicole’s unrequired love and extreme self-control were not in vain. (she only touched it once, and it was so gentle she didn’t leave a mark, not bad for a three-nearly-four-year-old who has to watch a cake get made off and on all day)

If anyone feels the need to tell me the cake is an offense to nature because the buttercream is not smooth, I know. It wouldn’t smooth. I don’t know what happened to the buttercream. Apparently making buttercream frosting is absolutely nothing like riding a bicycle. Now don’t I feel silly for wearing that helmet.

Don’t feel too badly for Nicole, she got the cake tops, iced generously with flowers and her favourite letter. (N, of course)

Every once in a while I remember about this thing and ask you to click it. Today’s the lucky day!

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