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Breathe Deep, Seek Peace

How was everyone’s long weekend?


I’m still recovering from mine. I don’t mean that in the I-partied-so-hard kind of way, of course. I had a massive infection and a huge swollen face and I thought I was feeling better today but I’m actually starting to feel a little loopy, even though I’m totally off meds today. Ah well, I got some beautiful pictures of my little family on Sunday! Isn’t my husband and his babies just a sight for sore eyes? 🙂 He forced me to buzzcut him the other day, not my favourite look but he manages to rock it alright, I suppose.


Yup, it’s the other one that got his skintone, this particular baby has mine. Taking pretty pictures of my family was definitely the highlight of my weekend, and made me feel a bit better despite my giant face! LOL


Olivia standing on Chris’ feet, I just die at this picture of her. This is Olivia. She is excited, generally speaking, and cannot contain herself. What a huge dork. I love it.


And in case you begin to fear that Olivia is the favourite, rest assured, there is no favourite. This one is still a much-beloved model.


She looks so old, I can’t stand it. She’s going to be four in July, but she looks and acts older. We’re going to have trouble with this one, let me tell you.

Not much today, as I said I’m feeling a bit loopy so I think I’ll go take a nap, since Olivia is down and Nicole is watching TV (shameful, but it’s cold cold cold outside.) If you’d like something to check out, you could check out my cousin Samantha’s photography page on facebook, she’s getting her photography business started and she asked me to help get the word out. Sami’s style is a lot like her personality – bold and dramatic, it’s very artistic.

Sami’s adult life reads like some sort of fairytale… she met a British soldier while he was stationed in Canada, they had a whirlwind romance and got married on a tropical beach. Since then she’s seen many of the most romantic places on earth. Of course, an army wife’s life is never quite a fairy tale, but Sami is no damsel in distress, either. She’s probably one of the most determined and outgoing people I know. I haven’t seen her since we were quite young, but she’ll be down this way later this year so maybe we’ll have to shoot each other. Photographically, of course. 🙂  (Although perhaps with an army wife & hunter’s wife you’d maybe wonder where I was going with that one, lol)

So feel free to check out Sam Cam on facebook… she’s stationed in Ralston, AB now and travels around that area for shoots, but since she’s quite a globetrotter you never know, she could be headed your way next.

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