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Kids Clothing Week Challenge quickie

Just a quick pop-in for Kids Clothing Week Challenge… (button in left side bar somewhere) so far this week I’ve completed this onesie dress (and a matching headband, which she wore almost constantly and yet I have no pictures of it.) … it need work, I didn’t want it to be TOO flouncy because she is a crawler and hindering her by putting her in flouncy dresses doesn’t actually hinder her so much as cause her to smash her face over… and over… and over. Early crawlers. Cute, yes. Learn from their mistakes? Heck no.


Anyways, I am the queen of tangents, no shock there. The point is, I didn’t make it flouncy enough. The top tier was a few inches wider than the onesie and the rest were 1.5 more from each other from there, but the first tier obviously should have been 1.5 the onesie, at least. I might be able to save it by putting an elastic waist in it where the onesie meets the skirt, it’s pretty loose as you can see. She’s so tall she has a few of these onesies that are wide but short.


Another problem is that I topstitched the onesie-skirt intersection the wrong way. Ruffles should always be topstitched with the seam on the ruffle side, for maximum flounce. I have never made this mistake before. You know what else I’ve never done? Sew til 1am. Well, I mean, I’ve done it before, but the results were equally idiotic. This is the other reason I don’t tend to give up sleep for things I haven’t literally birthed. Its never worth it, in the end. For me at least. My IQ goes down a point every minute past 11.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a picture of my sister as a baby making this exact same face this exact same way. Tiffany and I were told we look like twins at the dentist the other day, when she came along to help me out (a blessing indeed.) I’ve never heard that one before! For one, Tiffany doesn’t have the hips of a twelve year old boy… Also, she’s dirty blonde, but you can’t tell anymore because she tends to dye her hair to match my natural color half the time. Although last time she went black and purple, which is nobody’s natural color.

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