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We don’t need no stinkin’ sleep

Somebody asked at the Mom2Mom sale how I get stuff done, and I joked that I don’t really sleep much. I was just kidding, because I’m not the kind of person who is likely to sacrifice sleep for anything that I haven’t literally given birth to. But come to think of it, I still stayed up until normal-people-go-to-bed time and skipped a lot of napping opportunities last week to get things done for the sale. Last week was easily top ten for Most Brutal. If you had told me, “Five years from now you’re going to have a week where you barely sleep while caring for a three year old with chicken pox and a 5.5 month old with a cold and by the way the baby crawls and wants to eat the clump of mud in the front entrance, and the power cords, and that thing, whatever it is and where the heck ever it came from. And you’ll make 31 pairs of earrings and two dozen clips and a few hairbands that week, and sort through all your toys and kid clothes to sell, and you’re going to be darn cheerful about it. Cos if mommy starts to slip it all goes downhill from there. Oh, and your husband is going to be busy all week. And when he pops in on the craziest day and asks you to make him supper before he runs out again, you won’t stab him. Not even one little bitty stab.”

If you had told me that, I would have laughed and laughed and laughed. I’ve always been the type of girl who tries to get 8-10 hours of sleep. Any less and I tend to be a growling beast. I didn’t even really party much, ever, for that exact reason. But yet…



Sorry, got a little hysterical for a minute there.

I get bloaty in the face when I’m sleep deprived. Don’t look at my bloaty face. Look at my new bff instead. HELLO, BABY WEARING WRAP. Goodbye, adorable baby crawling around and pooping out strangely colored bits of things that definitely are not Approved First Foods. This thing was handmade by a local mama. My husband wants to marry it, because our baby is a porker and you can’t even feel her when you’re wearing it. If you are jealous and want one you let me know, I’ll hook you up. Chris was annoyed when I bought it because I have a bunch of babywearing paraphernalia already. But now his former favourite babywearing thing – a manly shade of army green, by the way – has been reduced to that sad saltshaker from that commercial. This pretty little number is the new family favourite.

And now I’ve procrastinated enough. I have three baskets of laundry to fold and put away, and just as many closets to reorganize, and some SHOP{thelaundry}LINE orders to whip up. And a crochet video to make. And two hours of work for Kids Clothing Week Challenge to do because I missed yesterday because when I got home from the dentist yesterday I put on my biggest, ghettoist sweatpants and sulked in a corner for the rest of the day (well, the parts where Olivia was napping anyways.) Early crawlers? Super cute. SUPER BUSY. I wouldn’t recommend it. I officially am a babywearing advocate. Not wearing babies leads to terrible things like early crawlers. Ones who try to stand before they are six months old. HINDER THOSE BABIES. HINDER THEM HARD.

2 thoughts on “We don’t need no stinkin’ sleep

  1. Dang those darn babies crawling early! Super cute…until! I feel ya! I've been working on trying to add TWO new lines to my site (www.fresh1blankies), and inbetween 2 kids , a blog, a house, and every darn thing else that happens around here (like the dog puking in her kennel)…it's impossible. Mother's day is for sissy's…I was busy catching up!


  2. Oh, you're my kindred spirit – I am a great lover of sleep myself. 8 hours a night will barely get me through the week. I think that's why the infant phase almost killed me. Me + lack of sleep = very unhappy person.
    I'm totally impressed at all you've gotten done by the way. I bow down to you!


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