Friday Favourites

My friends, I have a pressing question for you. I hope that somebody out there can come up with an amazing solution to my little problemo.

You see, I have fallen in love with a pair of shoes. They are Jules&James or whatever that brand name is by, what, Marykate and Ashley? Anyways they are a tall stacked nude heel, and they made my legs look super freakin long, which, if you know me, is pretty much something worth writing about in and of itself. Also? $30. HOWEVER. THE DILEMMA. When I tried these babies on and showed them to my mother, who I was shopping with and who did not see the virtues of them until I was wearing them, my feet popped right out the back with every step. Cue the sad music. My mom suggested I move down a size, but I think with how nicely they fit when I wasn’t moving, they would be too small then. Dear readers, do you have any brilliant suggestions? Other than just ‘move on with your life’? Because I’ve tried, and it’s been two weeks and I’m still thinking about them. So if you know a magical way that is not hot gluing the shoes onto my feet – tempting, however they aren’t practical for housework with a crawling baby on the loose – I would love love love to hear it.

Now, on to the GOODSTUFF.

Not really a good picture for this one, but here’s a quick little how-to on making your blog over.

Okay, now, we’re going to try something new here for Friday Favourites. Let me know what you think of this. I’m just embedding directly from Pinterest. I can’t figure out how to jabber on about these using the Pinterest embed, at least not how to do it super easily.


Source: ysolda.com via Laura on Pinterest

So, let me know if you think it’s annoying that to get to these you have to click the picture and then click it again on Pinterest. Also let me know if you miss me blabbering on about the tutorials.

Life really happened again this week. I promise that if I don’t get another crochet video up by next Friday Favourites, the first person to yell at me over it gets a free pair of earrings. That’s how ashamed I am of my slackerness. I will actually reward people for being annoyed about it.

Earrings, you mean I didn’t share the earrings?


haha, trippy, double watermarks. The original image is watermarked, too. Now I really know nobody will steal this picture of earrings that nobody in their right mind would want to steal anyways. Cute, hey? I’m selling them at a sale this weekend and also in the shop. There will be one of each color in the shop, and then two of the colors that don’t sell out tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, tomorrow is the last day to enter a baby picture to potentially win leggies in the shop, and right now there is only one photo so it looks like Pamela might just win that one for Lisa hands-down. It’s also the last day to enter a draw to win a gift credit. If you’re interested, it’s all on the SHOP{thelaundry}LINE facebook page.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Lisa for her comment the other day leading me to constantly be singing in my head, “BOOM!!!!! AND A BEAR COMES OUT!” That was a sarcastic thankyou. It won’t stop.

4 thoughts on “Friday Favourites

  1. If it's closed toe shoe, just stuff some lambswool in the toe. You can find it in the drugstore with the gel pads. Every girl needs a nude heel, duh!


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