day to day

from in the trenches

Nothing good to report. No crochet for you. Or me. Chickenpox sucks. Nicole’s got it pretty badly, it’s ridic, she’s nearly spot free on her arms/legs but her face, ears, private areas just have it BAD. We are all sleeping peacefully and happy as all get out here. Just kidding. Please send coffee. On the bright side Olivia is being a star, Chris was gone all evening/night yesterday taking down signs from the elections and he is gone again tonight but promised he would be back at a decent hour and send me off to take a bath and then to bed. Needless to say I’m pretty excited for that. Three hours of sleep last night. We had KD for supper. The end.

One thought on “from in the trenches

  1. Sounds a lot like our night & Dylan's spots are in the same spots. I think I should have exposed my kids to my sister-in-law's kids, who only got a few spots! Andrew is done with the election sign thing, and is coming home with benedryl and aveeno anti-itch lotion. Better be the right stuff, cause I need sleep! Dylan is in the bath still. Only 2 more kids to go through this… Makes me re-think vaccinations…


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