Friday Favourites

Let’s pretend that nobody noticed that not only did I not post a belated Friday Favourites last week like I said I would, but I am also posting this one late. Sorry! I was totally planning on doing it yesterday but then I was a good housewifey and tried to catch up on housework yesterday morning and then when I hit the ‘look some free time’ part of the day I got laid flat by a tooth ache. My sweet hubby took care of me for the evening, my baby actually slept through the night (9 to 6) which she used to do regularly but hasn’t since she hit the age where most babies START. So despite the monster toothache yesterday I’m actually more refreshed today than I have been in a while. And the moral of the story is, today may be Saturday, but we’re pretending it’s Friday. Again.

On to the good stuff! And oh, there is some GOOD. STUFF.

Hahahaha. True. (pinterest link)

How to make a clip on tie, for all you ladies with boys who like to get your DIY on. The link includes where to buy clip on tie thingers. That is probably the real technical term, but I think they call it something else there. It’s Ribbon Retreat, for the record, which is where I buy a lot of supplies. Doesn’t that sound official? Pretty ribbons and a rainbow of tulle and yummy fabrics and hair clips and headbands Supplies. And the only time I was charged customs was when I bought a whole box full of spools of tulle, which I presume normal people do not often do.

Never mind the fact that this tutorial is for an adorable GAP dress knockoff. These pretty embellishments here? If you sew and you’re whiny like me you’re probably thinking “Well, I don’t have a fancy embroidery machine, so I’m just out of luck there. Move on.” NO. NO, YOU ARE WRONG. This stuff is all done with the decorative stitches that most machines these days have anyways. Check this tutorial out for that, if nothing else. Brill-i-ant.

Pinwheel Hair Clips

Super cute, right? Two words: No sew. I don’t think I need to say more than that.

This adorable little number is a tutorial to make this top from a regular tank top. The perfect way to make a matching set if you’re making a tiered skirt! I could see this working great as part of a onesie dress, too. Don’t forget, Kids Clothing Week Challenge is coming up! I’ve got a bag loaded up with supplies to make stuff for my girls. I’ve committed myself to push and do only stuff for my shop for the next week, and then next weekend I’ve got a table at a local sale, and then Kids Clothing Week Challenge! Yay! (Speaking of my shop, did you notice I’ve added a tab for it at the top of the blog? Most of the inventory is still on facebook but I’m slowly moving things to etsy.)

I like this cute little idea here, creating custom tags for quilts detailing things like when they were made, who by, and who for. I think I’ll have to do this, for sure.

This is a cute little fold-up picnic mat tutorial! Ah, so practical. And just think of the impractical fabrics you could use for this, and have a lovely picnic and all the other mommies at the park would be like WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?! And you’d be all ‘oh, I just whipped this up myself….’ all casual like you didn’t swear a blue streak when you stabbed yourself sixty-seven times with pins.

First of all, I’d say that url speaks for itself. Make it. Love it. Yes, ma’am. Secondly, this was designed to be camouflage for mummy-tummy. Can I go a week without typing those words? Challenge not accepted. 

Ok, try not to have a panic attack but… here is a second boy project! WHAAAAT! I know. I have nephews, you know. And a soul. So cute little bitty boy projects get me all excited, too.

This is exactly the type of look that is my absolute faaaaavourite things on boys. I would definitely dress my boys like they were about to go riding in the English countryside every day from birth right up until they get old enough to hate me for it. And then after that, just on Sundays. Maybe someday I will have a dapper little gentleman of my own. Until then, I will cast longing looks at my nephews, but still buy/make them things that are along my sister in law’s taste instead of my own. Aka practical. HIGHLY OVERRATED, in my opinion, but I’m cool like that.


If you don’t go vote on Monday, I’m coming after you. Because seriously? Majority government please? No more elections for a while? Yes? Okay, glad we had this talk.

(Seriously, vote. I will fight you.)

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