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April’s projects roundup

Here is a disjointed and disorganized collection of the projects I’ve completed this month. Happy April 30th! I think I might do monthly roundups more often, this makes me feel super accomplished, I have been a busy bee! I’ve actually done even more than this, I am not sure as to the timing, I’ve either done three tutus or five. Possibly 7.  I just fail at photographing tutus. I’ve done two pairs of jammie shorts for Nicole, as well. I even stayed on top of my housework more often than not, and reorganized my pantry and kid craft stuff into buckets. Ohoho. I reek of awesome. Don’t fall for it, though, I’ve been behind on laundry and my house has been ‘clean’ but not ‘pretty’ and my bedroom is a dis-as-ter. I was also antisocial for the last three weeks, partly to try catch up and partly because I’m trying really hard to get Olivia on some semblance of a schedule so I can get some semblance of a good sleep more than once a week. Ten minutes ago I would have said that was going great but now she’s crawling around on the floor so that’s definitely a bald-faced lie. It’s going off-and-on, is how it’s going.

P1090547IMG_4572 (800x800)IMG_4597 (800x800)015IMG_4617 (800x800)IMG_4567 (800x800)IMG_4798

010 (800x533)IMG_4732IMG_4464IMG_4475IMG_4537IMG_4586IMG_4741

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