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Like a Ninja…


I’m here, I’m just kind of invisible right now. The sun has returned to our city and apparently my brain finds itself incapable of coping. I’m spending copious amounts of time outdoors with the kidlets, who are very excited to be in such a place, and the rest of my time is devoted to tearing my house apart and putting it back together (so apparently that’s just a thing I like to do for fun and had nothing to do with pregnancy) and also dealing with the meltdowns caused by suddenly spending lots of time in fresh air and sunshine. Because sometimes ‘she’s going to sleep great tonight’ is preceded by ‘she’s going to cry over everything in the world from 4:30 til bedtime and beyond.’ On the bright side I’m catching up on a backload of My Shows while doing that cleany thingy. Also, going through my summer clothes bucket was pretty exciting because I’d bought some stuff online for the summer of 2010 back before I knew I’d be pretty pregnant during that time. Nicely enough, it all fits, although it does not all flatter. My legs are pretty nicely shrunk down but mmmmmmmmmuffintop and mmmmmmmmmummytummy don’t help.

I’m thinking I have to tone it or tan it. I would like to think that power walking to and from the liquor store for wine every day week counts as exercise especially as I like to buy a sweet wine and a less sweet wine each time, so it’s like weight lifting. However my body and I apparently agree to disagree on that fact.
Tanning it is.
Just kidding, I’m going to start running once I get my ipod. Which is all hanging on and how long it takes my last miles to show up and then to have my ipod that I’ve been saving for shipped. I’m so excited. It’s like I’ve saved up a gazillion box tops and I’m finally getting whatever gizmo box tops will get you. Except it’s an ipod touch! YAY!


(you like how I can’t put a real blog post together but I can ramble on for like three paragraphs worth? I can type probably faster than you can read. Represent.)

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