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What’s up, Buttercup?

Just a few pictures of what I’ve been up to, aside from sneezing and generally feeling sorry for myself. 😉

IMG_4741Yes, I just swooped in and replaced that picture because while cute, it was blurry, and it BOTHERED ME.

A Shabby Sweet headband (hand stitches only on this thing) and some leggies… okay, a LOT of leggies for SHOP{thelaundry}LINE… right now there’s a lot more on facebook than on etsy. I’ll start shifting things over to etsy on Monday. Once I hit 20 fans on facebook for that, I’m going to have not one but two contests, the winners will get their choice of a piece of haircandy or a pair of leggies. And look, boy leggies! I make stuff for boys! GASP! Actually between leggies and a superhero cape for my nephew (I know, tutorial on that still pending) I may possibly have made more boy than girl stuff this month. Fear not, I have a super girly and ruffly sleepsac in my head and on paper, it just has to make friends with my scissors and sewing machine now.


A doodle for a friend who also has the sickies, Shannon. I doodled it in a line notebook thinking ‘ah, I’ll just scan it in and redo the lineart in photoshop.’ Well, listen. As it turns out, drawing with a mouse is NOT like a bicycle, you have to learn all over again if you go like three years without doing it, and boo urn to that. I maybe want a graphics tablet again. My husband will hang me for sure if he catches whiff of that, though. “Oh, I told you not to get rid of it…” Listen, it was huge. When I bought it I had decided I was going to be an illustrator when I grew up (I was all of seventeen at the time.) Anyways, back on topic, Surprise, Shannon! When my friends felt sick or sad I used to do little doodles for them to try make them feel better. Now I tend to deliver soup and fresh buns, but the buns would be much less fresh by the time they got to you, so back to doodles it is! I feel dorky though because I didn’t draw it as carefully as I would have if I had realized it was going to be seen as-is. But I figured if I didn’t share it anyways you’d always wonder why I was creeping through your old pics. I was trying to figure out what kind of shirt to draw! LOL! This was based on your About Me pic…. no shirt!


It’s been nice again the last few days! I bought Nicole some sidewalk chalk paint from the dollar store and then watered it down by half since it was so thick it’d be gone in no time. It still turned out quite vibrant!


Olivia got Put Down Outside for the first time ever in her little bitty life. She was very excited!! I was snapping pictures of Nicole so I figured meh, why not. She loved it right up until she sneezed and smacked her face on the concrete patio. Everybody lived, she just got a bit dirty and was less thrilled.


Nicole has been outside almost constantly in this weather. When she gets bored of one outdoor toy I haul out another… nothing beats how well kids sleep when they get in some good outside time! I pulled out the sandbox toys this morning after she was done painting and she spent more than half of her waking and at-home time in there after that. I’m so glad for warmer weather, woohoo!!! I feel like such a good mommy when my kid is outside licking sand off her fingers and getting dirt in her hair like a three year old should really be doing.


There won’t be any more of the crochet series until next week, I think I’ll do two videos a week until the series is done, then it’s still a bit more manageable. Also I expect a new niece or nephew to make an appearance in the next week, my sister in law is apparently trying to compete with me for Most Overdue Baby. I hope for her sake she doesn’t win 😉 I’m very excited to have a new baby around to make for and snuggle! Her babies tend to stay babies, unlike my own, so that’s something to look forwards to.

I’m spending time with the fam for the long weekend so I’m not sure how things will roll on the post front… if you don’t hear from me then I hope you have a blessed Good Friday and a happy Easter!

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