Friday Favourites

Despite telling myself I would do ‘nothing’ this week, I still had a moment this morning where I was like, “What? Friday? Noooo, it’s not Friday. Wait, it’s Friday?!” Isn’t that just the way, though. Also, I’m sick today, which is why I didn’t throw this together until night time. I had it all in Pinterest, which is snazzy, but its definitely quicker to throw this post up when I’ve been working on it all week instead of doing it Friday. Lesson learned.


Cuuuuuute. Turn a plain old long-sleeved tshirt into this adorable bow-sleeved shirt. Nice! I like that it goes from just regular old tshirt – which is fine, of course – to a unique piece.


This topsy-turvy quilt isn’t exactly one of the newest tutorials on Moda Bakeshop, but it is the one I’m using right now. I’m adapting this pattern to make it into a baby quilt, so mine will be 5 squares by 4 squares. I’m changing it up a little bit more than just that, but why spoil it.


You know, I can never seem to see enough how-to’s when it comes to techniques. Everyone does things a little bit differently and you never know when a particular technique or way of explaining things will just click with you. This is an invisible zipper tutorial.

I love this kind of waistband. On my kids clothes, and on my own. Not just on yoga pants… I’d be happier than a fat kid in Candyland if I could only wave a magic wand and have comfy, smooth waistbands like this on everything I wear.



Eeeez gooot, eeeez veddy goooot. That is my old-dutch-person voice, for reference. This tutorial over at Sewing In No Mans Land shows you how to go the extra mile to bring your pants from homemade to handmade. Don’t know the difference? Say it out loud to yourself.
”Oh, is that homemade?”
”Oh, is that handmade?”
Yeah, you get it now.

Image of Art Caddy Tote PDF Sewing Pattern

Here’s a nice sewing pattern, just $6.00 … this is perfect for a kid like Nicole, she just LOVES drawing. I keep meaning to take a picture of her easel right now, she took pencil crayons and literally filled the entire big sheet with tons of small people and writing her name – or just parts of it – over and over again. It looks very cool. I finally went out this week and bought her a sketchpad, then after much deliberation, handed over my Prismacolor pencils as well. I figure I enjoy working with good quality materials more, she will too. She seems to understand that they are special and she has to treat them well, and has put them away nicely when she’s done with them. She’s very proud of her special sketchbook, too. Anyways, the point is, she would be delighted with something like this, to store her special stuff!

Watch Quilty NOW on QNNtv

My computer is being dumb right now, every once in a while I have to restart it because it won’t play video online, so I can’t honestly say what I think of this site, Quilty,  I stumbled upon tonight, but I’m pretty excited to take a look-see!

I made an observation today, looking absently out my window as young teens filed by on their break. I commented on it on facebook, and a few people seemed quite amused, so I figured I’d share again.
When I was a teen the cool skater dudes wore baggy pants and dark colors. Now the cool skater dudes have skinny jeans and look like Rainbow Brite.

I swear that’s the only stereotype I can think of that changed so dramatically. Then again, I guess rappers don’t wear parachute pants anymore. HAMMERTIME! (There are two stop signs that I’ve seen in my city that say STOP and then in small white grafitti “HAMMERTIME”. I laugh every time I pass them.)

So, Olivia will be five months old tomorrow! I just put her to bed, after pulling her out of the dog dishes. I can’t get over how much trouble she is already, what a character! I can’t even be annoyed, she grunts and squeals happily with that funny little Tongue Of Approval poking out all sharp and pointy while she gets into mischief… I love her. I’m so glad Nicole shares my sentiments on her. “We sure have a cute baby, hey mommy? I love her” Yup, me too.

One thought on “Friday Favourites

  1. I have had my eye on that art caddy for the longest time, really should just order the pattern. The quilt is very awesome too, hope to see a picture of your version when it is done.

    On a slightly unrelated topic, could I beg an invite to Pinterest off you? I've been on their list for a bit now and nothing. I am getting antsy!


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