sneak peek

Yup, that’s one of mine.

Outtakes from a photo shoot to try get some good shots of some of my stuff for the shop. You know, the one I’m hoping to open tomorrow night. That one. I did get some good shots of some stuff, but couldn’t help but grin over a lot of these outtakes. Out of focus, out of frame, wiggly baby with funny faces.


Test shot to see if I could clip the clips straight into her hair or if I needed the band. I went with the band. Olivia’s face… yeah.


Es-cap-e. It’s spelled just like escape.


Tried flipping her so she’d stop moving so I could capture those darn leggies. Wiggle wiggle! Cutie pie, though.


Yes, dear, that’s exactly the face we’re going for. Buy shit from me! Then you, too, can look just like THIS!


These were all bam bam bam one after another. The faces on this kid. I tell ya. (This big bow is fun on Olivia for pictures, but Nicole wore it out yesterday to keep her bangs out of her face, and let me tell you…. LOVE. ABSOLUTELY LOVE. I wish I had taken a picture of her. I wanted to steal her and keep her. Even though she is already mine to begin with.)


Always with the drool. Deeeee-lish.


Speaking of delish, Lily popped in for a ninja-puppy-kiss. I actually might even use this photo, the bow looks cute. I dunno. I need a newborn, not a five month old (in four days) who thinks she is a ten month old. Uh, for pictures, I’m pretty happy with keeping this particular baby.

3 thoughts on “Yup, that’s one of mine.

  1. I have a cute modle if need be! lol! But you may quite possibly get the same turnout as with Olivia! Picture taking and diaper changing a 5 or 6 month old is WAY HARDER then changing a newborn I tell ya. They don't stop moving lol!! 🙂 ADORABLE PICS BTW!! Olivia is the sweetest!! 🙂


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