Friday Favourites


Okay guys, at least I get the Friday Favourites done. Yeesh. I haven’t really done well this week, there was some prescheduled posts going on but not much else. I suuuuuck. I just had two weeks in a row where I had plans literally every day, except for the days when I was double or even triple booked. Yesterday? Coffee date at the park with a galpal in the morning, then a haircut at a hairdresser galpal’s house, and then I was a judge at a Heritage Fair at the high school I went to growing up. So was Chris, and you know what, I should be fired. That man was very into the judging, asking lots of questions about the topics etc etc. I’m embarrassed at my own self.

Yay, this felt flower tiara kit is so adorable! Nicole would love something like this! I wish I had a cutter that would cut felt for me (I do have a cricut but I don’t think I’d dare try felt on it, that just seems like a bad idea) but I’m sure it wouldn’t be too bad to freehand cut a bunch of flowers. I bet you could man this project up… circles perhaps? Or ‘jewels’ for a kings crown? Either way, this craft is the kind that promotes a whole bunch of different types of learning, but is just plain cute and fun.


This is one from last summer. I was just gazing at it lovingly and longingly… oh, for it to be warm enough to call for sunsuits instead of sweatsuits! I need to buy a few soft light cottons in fun colors to make a bunch of these for Olivia for summertime…. I want to try get a summer wardrobe for Olivia started by the end of April at the latest, if I wait until summer I’ll have to buy a bunch of things but if I get started early I can just buy to fill in the blanks instead of in a quick fix!

Yummm pillows. This anthropologie inspired project would be a great way to sass up your bedroom a bit. Or your daughter’s. Or yours. Oh and by the way… it’s way cuter than the pillow that inspired it.


Um, this is kindof… amazing… like, how brilliant is that idea for space-challenged nurseries? I’m pretty sure the photograph is missing something, like the sparkly light shining from above and the ‘laaaaaaaaaaaaaa!’ chorus. This is the grail for space-challenged nurseries.


Definitely check out Shannon’s latest project, Versus. As in, comfy sews vs cozy knits in an epic new way. I begin to suspect that Shannon does not sleep or bathe or eat, but merely skips along with an IV leading to a Starbucks cup, tending to her girls and her amazing blogs.

Pinterest finally decided I can be one of the cool kids now, by the way! Yay! I’ve barely had time to play with it, but if you like my little Friday Favourites you’ll probably start finding most if not all of them popping up in there, in addition to other things like wardrobe inspiration, etc. If you’d like, you can find me here!

You would never believe that this adorable baby outfit was made from one big ol’ tshirt. Seriously. Go check it out!

I don’t know how I haven’t already been following this blog, but Me Sew Crazy is beyond awesome. I’m sorry to pick just one, but I could have you scrolling for ages just looking at cute tutorials from this blog. So, so many. She made spring collections for three girls – my mind is blown already – and they’re super cute and she shares tutorials for a lot of the outfits! Ok… I have to share one more, I fully intend to make this one for Nicole…

This tunic is adorable! I love it! And the back is LEGEN… wait for it…

….DARY! (How I Met Your Mother joke)
I won’t even pretend like THAT is ever going to happen, I won’t try to give myself that much credit. It’s super awesome, though. As if the tunic needed more awesomeness!

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