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everything sounds better in french

I’ve been doing a lot of doing this week. The images I have for you are, as they say in french, secondaire-pair. Actually, sub-par doesn’t really sound that much better in french, what a downer.

IMG_4462Fun little apron. It has a really really kicky waist. Those of us with the hips of a twelve year old boy (my three year old daughter is curvier than I am, sadly enough) may benefit from such floofiness. And yes, I’m aware that my apron strongly resembles an eighties prom dress. And no, I could not have given it a once-over and snipped all the threads. I finished two of these recently and this one is Just For Me so I couldn’t have been bothered. (Don’t worry Pam, I’m pretty sure I snipped all your threads.)


This fabric is a lime green, just to give you an impression as to how completely terrible and beyond redemption the colors in these photos are.


And these are the two knit-fabric infinity scarves I whipped up while cleaning my craft room this week. I’m not sure where the woven one is, I think maybe I tossed it in the laundry. The two jammie shorts I whipped up for Nicole have also found their way to the laundry, as she’s gleefully worn both pairs under her nighties already. (unnecessary, but she wanted to wear them and that was that!) Again, terrible coloring, and no I couldn’t have been bothered to change out of my grey/purple plaid dress before taking these shots.


This one is the warmer of the two. The black and white one actually started its life in my closet as the bottom of a knit-fabric wrap dress. It was a cute dress, but the fact that it was a genuine wrap dress with the waist ties, and the fact that I live in a windy city and have a three year old on top of that, combined to result in it being turned into a cute wrap shirt. While cleaning up my craft room I sewed the remainder, right sides together, into a long tube, turned it, and then twisted it once and sewed the tube shut (the last inch being hand stitched.) Same for the other infinity scarves. Simple, quick, easy, comfy. AND … gives your baby something to play with other than your eye/nose/mouth while nursing. Like jewellery, but with less breakability.

(the knit scarves were actually done on my serger, however it wouldn’t be any different really to do it on your sewing machine.)

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