Friday Favourites


How adorable is this little Doll Cloth Diaper and Wipes set by 2 little hooligans, guest posting over at Craftaholics Anonymous? Soooooo cute. If you were slightly neurotic like me you could totally make a whole line of doll accessories (quilt, diaper bag, diapers, wipes case, etc.) in bright, fun, colorful coordinating fabrics.

I’m not entirely certain that I could pull off this maxi skirt from Sew Much Ado, but you know what, I can sure as heck try. This looks like it would be scrumptiously comfortable to wear in spring and summer. Mmmmm…. jerrrrrseyyyyy…. I especially love the way she styled it in these pictures!! Modest, feminine, yet still alluring…

If you could buy my love, it would probably be with something like this. Or a large french vanilla from Tim Hortons. Or, okay, lets be honest here, pretty much anything whimsical / shiny / sparkly / brightly colored / caffeinatedvia Grosgrain.



Yay! These are super fun! In my head they are in bright girly colors. Yummy!

Metal tackle box into jewelry box! I seriously BBM’d my husband asap when I stumbled upon this. I requested permission to have his opa’s old tackle box, mentioning casually that Chris has a big huge plastic one (but not that he never fishes, that would probably be self-sabotage.) He said yes! I am not going to mention the s word until it’s done. (spraypaint.) I’m thinking a bright blue…

finished product

Cuuuute. Almost has me considering keeping my hair, because a band like this won’t go well with what I’m planning. But not quite. Thanks, by the way, for all your help helping me decide! Also thanks to those who commented my hair is nice as is. It really is (except I need my bangs cut) … I’m just too manic to be able to handle the long creepy hairs everywhere. I know it will stop shedding eventually, but it could go on for months, and then it gets followed up by all the frizzy little regrowth hairs, and then my hair will look weird as it gets longer. Like a really really really bad layering job. Done by a blind person.

Funny story… the other week I died a chunk of blonde into the middle back underneath of my hair. If that makes any sense at all. It’s a peekaboo chunk, I’m thinking of making it pink or purple or something. With Koolaid. Because I’m sophisticated like that. Except I’m having trouble figuring out how to do it myself without dying my shoulders as well.
Anyways. I keep forgetting it’s there. The other day I find this longish blonde hair in our bed. I’m like ?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!! for at least thirty seconds until I sheepishly remember, “Oh yeah. That’d be mine.” My hubby is pretty sure that this confirms I’m a lunatic. When I told him, all he could say was, “Wow.”

2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites

  1. Love the pillows, think I may have to try something like that!

    I like your hair the way it is but completely understand the “do not want to find another long hair on my shirt” thing. I have LOVED mine since I got an inverted bob (which I know is not really one of the options you gave, although VB's hair is like an inverted bob on steroids I suppose.)

    I would totally forget that I dyed the back of my head as well and be all WTH, who have you had in OUR bed!!!!

    Anyway, enough rambling. Off to work.


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