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Before I Hack My Own Hair Off

Listen… it’s happened before. At the time I was so deluded that I was quite pleased with myself, but looking back at pictures, I cringe. So I’m trying to resist.

My hair is driving my mad. It hasn’t been cut since October, which wasn’t really bothering me much because I wanted to grow it nice and long for summer. I’m pretty decently on my way. However, I neglected to think about one critical thing… POSTPARTUM HAIR LOSS! 185616_10150419160710167_779330166_17084778_1848658_n

^ which is how I feel about that.

It’s not the hair loss part, in per se. I have approximately one BEEEELLION ultra fine hairs, which always blows new hairdressers away as I take about twice as long for a haircut as they expect me to, with my sad limpy locks. So, so many hairs. So you don’t notice my hair thinning out, in per se. What you DO notice, however, is that I shed like a bleepity bleep bleep Persian Cat. You can easily pull out gobs of hair. I shouldn’t be allowed on the furniture, and if I wear my hair down my tops are just COVERED in hair like EW GROSS YUCK within an hour or two. But worst of all… oohhh, the worsty worst of all… when a hair falls down the front of your shirt and hides somewhere in your bra. SOMEWHERE. And it feels like it could be either a hair or a bug, but if you let your guard down and assume hair you just know it will definitely be a bug. 

Anyways. Now that you possibly understand why I’m wearing my hair in braids and buns and trying to refrain from giving myself a buzz cut (I wonder if Britney Spears was having postpartum shedding when she did that. How old were her kids? I totally take back thinking she was crazy. Hand me an umbrella, Britney, I’m with ya.) I would like some feedbacks for what I should do. You would think a hairdresser would be like ‘fun yay’ if I came in and was like “just cut it off. I don’t care. Make me look good.” But no, not so much. They want me to know what I want. So… What do you think? (following pictures are all from here.)


a- supershort. I’m not sure I could pull this off. But I’m tickled pink at the idea of my falling out hairs being that small instead of being super long.

b- kinda funky. I don’t necessarily have time to do this every day so mine would hang a lot limper most of the time. Not sure that would be as cool.


c – I like styles like this because the illusion of longer hair is there, but it’s actually a pretty short cut. I’ve had similar to this before. I am paranoid about she-mullets though so I always like to make sure it’s a bit shorter in back than front.

d – something like this, but with the hair a little more out of the face. Like a reverse mullet… party in the front, business in the back. Because that’s how I roll.


e – Just kidding. I’m pretty sure my middle two brothers would both be full of glee but I would be a hobo because my hubby would lock me out until I removed the manliness from my hair. Actually, I don’t think he even likes this look on men. If I ever do get wild enough to do this I’d shove some pink in there, while I was being awesome/a lunatic. Would have to take out a life insurance policy on my dad first because he’d keel over.

I guess this is basically what I was talking about two above, basically an extremely angled bob. I’ve had bobs before and they’re pretty good on me.

So, what do you think? Any other suggestions?

6 thoughts on “Before I Hack My Own Hair Off

  1. Are you going to go cuckoo for cocoa puffs with the eye make-up, too? Because otherwise you deffa need those crazy shades. 😉

    Beyond that, you won't be getting any beauty advice from me. Have you SEEN my hair?


  2. Girl I totally feel ya! Isaac is 6months and I'm still shedding! It's seriously gross.

    But short hair is hard! You have to style it everyday or you look like a bum!

    So more often then not my hair is in a ponytail or bun.

    I've got the cure… to make it stop falling out… it start's with an EPT lol =)


  3. I would have posted a real opinion, but instead my sleep-deprived brain read “I've had boobs before, they're pretty good on me” and then I giggled for about 5 minutes. At any rate, bobs (and boobs) do look good on you. I would avoid anything super short. Mostly cuz if you decide you hate it, you're kinda screwed.


  4. NOOO Lor your hair looks so good how it is! I TOTALLY get it though, the shedding is awful. It does pass though, as hard as it is to see the end during the shedding there IS an end 😀 I do like the angled bob a lot though, I think it would be flattering on you!


  5. Well… seeing as I'm in the same boat and right now I've almost convinced myself that I'm just going to cut my own hair on Monday – that gives a worst case scenario of having a week to get it fixed if necessary before going to church looking like a crazy lady (as if the current shedding hair doesn't already present that wonderful image)… Anyways, as I was saying – I love how the first pic (quite short) looks, but it depends how brave you are – and how fast your hair grows 🙂 Otherwise definitely the bob idea… not sure my ramblings were helpful but just thought I'd share! 🙂


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