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A Little Me, A Little You

Okay, Shannon, I will jump on the bus. Feel free to copy this and do a post on your own blogs as well, and share back so I can take a peek at yours! So voyeuristic, but isn’t blogging just that. (I suggest copying from the link there, Shannon did not shove unrelated pictures in the middle to mess with you.) I used to do these kinds of things ALL THE TIME through email and stuff, some of them would take me more than an hour to do! I can’t blog without pictures, it just doesn’t feel right, so I will give you some random shots inserted in random places. You’re welcome.

IMG_4301curled Nicole’s hair the other day, at her requestIMG_4302

Making : steak, potatos, and garlic bread for supper tonight. Oh, and vegetables. Hm…
Cooking : Oh. Um. That.
Drinking : more coffee! MORE COFFEEEE!
Reading: Sew U, and hopefully soon Threads Magazine (just subbed!)
Wanting: more clothes. preferably something without spandex content but doubtful.
Looking: at my hubby’s sarcastic BBMs about the rocking horse I want to buy. Or rather…. I should say… HORSE DRAWN ROCKING CARRIAGE. Awesome. I found myself incredibly suspicious of the reply “I know we need one! Its super cute!” and wrote back “Shut your face.”
Playing: my local radio station
Wasting: water every time I shower. Oh shower, glorious shower!
Sewing: through my pile of this-and-thats. Mostly knit scraps. Who knew I had so many knit scraps?! I didn’t.


(Nicole’s future husband)

Wishing: I could win a shiny new sewing machine. Not that there’s a thing wrong with my offbrand hand me down machine. That is exactly the problem. It appears to be quite well made and no amount of neglect or abuse is causing it to die and need replacing. If it didn’t skip stitches from time to time I’d have no choice but to like the thing.
Enjoying: getting things done during the day, especially because every.single.evening is turning out to be a bust lately. Chris is working late… and/or suffering from chronic migraines… and Olivia will.not.go.down before it’s-too-late-now o’clock.
Waiting: for my subscription to Threads to start showing up, eee!
Liking: the idea of starting to sew for myself, once I’ve finished sewing my way through cleaning up my sewing room and stocking up on stuff for my impending little online store.
Wondering: How long it will take me to finish the last little bit of saving up airmiles for an Ipod Touch. Soon! Soon! Very excited.


(Olivia’s future husband.)


: Helping out friends or family members. Makes me feel like I’m still able to accomplish something for others, despite being chained to my house most of the time.
Hoping: that if I take Olivia to a chiropractor that she’ll start going down before too-late-o’clock
Marvelling: at how fast my girls are growing up. Nicole is starting to write. Olivia is on the verge of crawling. What is with my kids? Freaks.
Needing: New shoes for spring/summer. A good pair of runners and a good pair of ballet flats, preferably. Some cute sandals as well would be awesome! And a pair of galoshes.
Smelling: Nothing, thank goodness.
Wearing: tanktop, short sleeve sweater, b/w infinity scarf double looped…….. sweatpants.
Following: far too many shows aimed at teenage girls. Vampire Diaries… Pretty Little Liars… EAT ME. I LOVE THEM.
Noticing: Generally? Nothing. I wouldn’t notice a hint unless you tied it to a brick and threw it at my head. I’m kind of manly that way. (And then I get all paranoid from time to time that everyone is actually super annoyed with me but I just never noticed.)
Knowing: That I will never give my mom her steam mop back. But at least I can offer to give her my norwex mop.
Thinking: of what I’m all going to list in my upcoming little store.
Bookmarking: fun tutorials for Friday Favourites
Opening: The doors to let in some light and fresh air. It’s between –4 and +2 generally during the day right now! That’s suntanning weather! 😉
Giggling: At Olivia’s pointy little tongue, always out when she’s happy! And at the way she got frustrated with Chris last night (he sticks out his tongue at her and she tries to get it, but he doesn’t let her) and started lunging at him trying to bite his face off. hahaha.
Feeling: Great! I got to sleep from like 10:30 to 6:30 last night! I mean, a few interruptions, but I still feel good. (da na nana nana na!) IMG_4322

Nicole again. No Olivia for you today.

The random future-fiancées are actually our friends Rachel and Dave’s boys. Rachel and I went to highschool together and were friends, and same with Chris and Dave – in a different town an hour away. Rach&Dave and Chris&I meeting/dating was totally unrelated to each other. It wasn’t until after Chris and I started dating – Rach and Dave are that couple that started dating in like grade 7 – that we connected the dots. Now our husbands shoot things together while we ladies try to make things and hopefully prevent our same-ages-opposite-genders children from beating on each other.

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