Sweet shot tuesday



Unfortunately I’ve had sickies going on in my house this past week so I haven’t got any really great shots in the last week, this is probably the best/cutest one and I’m not satisfied with the focus at all. Despite the fact that I don’t always nail it as far as the manual focus is concerned, especially with the fstop so low, but I just love love love the colors and warmth that I get shooting with it. I haven’t taken it off my camera once since I put it on, to be honest.

(This photo is from a failure of a shoot where I tried to take decent pictures of the baby tutus I’ve got made and ready to sell. I decided I’m going to go back to my original plan of getting all my tutus made and then gathering a few friends with little girls to help me do a shoot! That way I can get various sized models showing off the tutus, and help holding the babies up to best show the tutus off.)

I still have another draft up to share a crochet baby leggings pattern, I just need to get a good picture of it first. I don’t know what’s taking so long! Perhaps today sometime I will get around to it.

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