IHF – Slice of Life


Okay, I’m going back and adding words to this post. I actually did the whole thing with my mouse, as I had a sleeping baby on my lap and my laptop was on the table a few feet away 😉 This picture is one of many shots I have of Nicole baking with me, she just LOVES to help out in the kitchen. She even knows how to operate the mixer, under supervision. Here we’re making our chocolate chip cookies, which I kid you not, she loves making even more than eating. (I enjoy the eating. And the cookie dough, yum.) I love how seriously she takes her job. And when her daddy gets home? “Papa, I made you cookies today! Mommy helped. Little bit.”

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14 thoughts on “IHF – Slice of Life

  1. Baking with Abby is one of my favorite things to do… we have been baking together since she was about 2 1/2. Such a great way to make memories!


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