Friday Favourites

Wow, an actual post, I know, right? I’ve been busy, I shall claim. I mopped this week. I borrowed my mom’s steam mop, actually. And by borrowed I mean forever. Or at least until she beats me in a gladiator-style battle for it.

Those of you who don’t know my mom probably think I’m a terrible person, but those of you who do know my mom probably feel pretty sorry for me right now. Woman raised four boys. She knows her way around a frying pan, lets just say.

So, last Saturday I bought a Birdsong Bows hair bow pattern, with the proceeds going to Japan. (awesome!) And then much to my delight, a few days later I won two more Birdsong Bows patterns from The Train To Crazy! sa-weet!


Not the greatest, because I was a little short on ribbon (I’m halfways through making a matching set) so I was using the instructions as a guideline instead of following them exactly. However, that’s on me… the instructions are very clear, the pictures are lovely, and the video tutorials you have access to when you buy the patterns are great. All in all… LOVE. Birdsong Bows is definitely favourite-worthy.



Lego Belt! Need I say more?! If my feet weren’t morally opposed to lego I’d consider letting it in my house just for ideas like this. (This tutorial includes making the belt but you could totally skip ahead and just use a premade belt, making you super-mommy in two minutes + drying time.)

Babble Post Roses 200x300 Sweet Valentine: Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Roses

What a sweet (ha) little bouquet! This could go beyond valentine’s day… Make it with your kids for mother’s day for their grandma’s, for example, or ‘feel better’ gift, or housewarming… Also, if you’re not convinced, note the following:
a) adorable.
b) strawberries inside = healthy
c) Delicious!
d) like you need a d. Go now.

I’ve seen this idea around the internet a few times, a fun experiment for kids using milk, dish soap, and food coloring. I think I will pull this one out today, actually! I like that this particular how-to includes a few videos. Always helpful for somebody like me who learns fastest with a one-two combo of visual/audio!


This is a sew-along for disaster relief in Japan. A pattern is provided… it’s a sew-along, so you are walked through the steps… you can enter to win amazing prizes by participating and linking up… you get a discount on Pink Fig’s upcoming doll pattern for participating… and best of all, can you imagine how lovely it will be for little girls and boys (yes, there is a boy version!) in Japan to receive these adorable little shirts? Susan is hoping to blow Chelsea (of Pink Fig) out of the water by getting 500 of these sent out.

EEEEEEE! These are lovely. I want them in MY room! Just kidding, Chris. (No I’m not.) I have been seeing some really cool/different ways to work with canvases lately, the hangers on these are done using iron-on transfer paper… brilliant! Less Cake More Frosting had another one I hadn’t thought of in this tutorial… freezer paper stencilling. Uh, duh, amazing. I never would have thought to do it on canvas. (Speaking of Ellie G, I still think it’s creepy/awesome that her name is Lara G … mine is Laura G. (Laura Gail) RIGHT?! no? stretch? fine, whatever. Fun fact, my name was almost Laurelie. When I found that one out I was like WHY IS MY NAME NOT LAURELIE?!)

2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites

  1. Echo the EEEEEE! Those canvases are awesome. Also, I am posting the belt link to my lego-crazy husbands facebook page. Sort of pay-it-forward blog love. Happy Friday to you!


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