Family Pictures

Today was kind of a meh day after a super blah night. Nicole crawled back into bed after breakfast, to give you a hint as to the kind of night that Olivia gave the rest of us. Bound to happen once in a while with a baby in the house! Although if you ‘like’ me on facebook you already know how Olivia is trying to head out of the baby category.

Anyways, here are some of my favourite pictures from family pictures the other week!

All pictures in this post are by Amy Vanderveen Photography (I just threw a watermark with her site on them because it didn’t feel right to have my watermark on them, but these didn’t come with the watermark.)

DSC_0009I kindof love this very candid picture, you just know I’m all ‘blahblahblah smartass remark’ and Chris is all ‘true enough.’ Plus it kindof looks like my haircut is on purpose and not just grown out from my last cut back in October.


DSC_0019DSC_0031Nicole wasn’t being super-duper cooperative and then alluvasudden she was on the bean bag chair and pulling these ‘model’ poses out, tilting her head and reposing after every click, it was hilarious.DSC_0032DSC_0036Ha, I love the tragic face on this one. She earned it, she hadn’t eaten in hours and was a total champ. She is such an easy baby… as long as nobody messes with her sleep! (pretty sure that’s what set her off last night, too much messing with the schedule. That and a head cold.)DSC_0040DSC_0054Chris informs us that he does not smile for pictures anymore. I’m willing to act like a lunatic to get smiles out of him, though, so I still manage from time to time. “Meatschnaaacksh!”DSC_0060DSC_0061I wanted individual shots of each family member, plus a shot of Chris and I. I plan on redoing my gallery wall and I’m a firm believer that a family is made up of a group of individuals, and I think it kind of sucks when the only pictures of the mom and dad are from their wedding and in the group shots! What if you die, no pictures for your kids? Boooooo, I say. Maybe you’re not happy you didn’t lose that ten pounds but seriously, your family and friends will be so disappointed if you’re suddenly gone and they have almost no photos to remember you by. DSC_0073

I need a haircut. The dog is officially better groomed than I am. Speaking of the dog, Chris pointed out last night that she looks like the Luck Dragon from Neverending Story now. I shall have to take a picture to share, since he is pretty dead-on. In other news, there are some pretty disturbing voiceovers of that dragon on youtube. I can never watch that movie again.DSC_0078

If you’re curious about the clothes, Nicole and Olivia are dressed in clothes from the Spring Line at The Children’s Place (Nicole’s tights are Old Navy and from the winter line), my top is Joe Fresh from fall, pants are Reitmans jeggings. Chris is Old Navy jeans and the shirt is just something I grabbed at wal to the mart because it was just honkytonk enough with the pearl buttons and v stitch lines on the chest to make him happy, yet the grey almost denim-looking fabric kept me happy as well. I was careful this year to make sure our dark denim jeans were not the same shade, last family pictures Chris and I were wearing the same shade and I did not even realize it until after the pictures were done! It looked kind of weird in some shots, let me tell you. I believe in coordinating and matchy matchy but there’s matchy matchy and then there’s http://www.awkwardfamilyphotos.com

Amy did such a great job and I totally recommend her to anyone in the area. We drove an hour to her studio, she was really nice, she gave us a great price, and she had the photos ready for us to take home later that same day (unfortunately my phone was dead so I didn’t get that message.)

2 thoughts on “Family Pictures

  1. Where is the 'Like' button for this?

    “it kind of sucks when the only pictures of the mom and dad are from their wedding and in the group shots! What if you die, no pictures for your kids? Boooooo, I say.”

    Girl, you are just nine kinds of personality. Keep on posting! I am loving it.


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