Ancient History (image heavy)

Fun fact: I did graphics design in college. I had the intention of being an illustrator or graphics designer, and then decided I couldn’t handle ‘constructive criticism’ well, on an emotional level. I had this pictured in my head:
Client: Hm, this isn’t quite what I had pictured. Maybe recolor everything… and change this half to that, and that half to this.
Me: You don’t…. like it? *emotional breakdown*
Client: Nevermind, it’s fine! Ha! Don’t worry about it. (hasty retreat, never to return again.)

Fortunately I also learned retouching photos, which I thought was fun enough and was good at but had no real interest in pursuing as a career at the time. I had an opportunity to work for a big photography company as a retoucher, but had talked to a girl who used to do it for the same company and she painted me a picture of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week of retouching teen acne. 40 hours a week… zoomed in on facial blemishes… all day, every day. Hmmmmm. Nope, pretty sure that would get to me. I did do a practicum as a fashion illustrator, and that could have gone somewhere, except my dad thought that would lead me down the path of unrighteousness. But mostly that didn’t pan out because the designer I was working with took a job opportunity owning a small burger chain in Alberta. (You can’t make this stuff up.)

Anyways, I thought it might be fun to share some of my past illustrations. The most recent one is from 2008, but most of them are from my angsty/wierd late teen years. I wasn’t a drinker, and I wasn’t a smoker, and I didn’t do drugs. But I did draw some weird stuff. I was pretty self-aware, though, one of these files even had the filename ‘angsty’ 😉 Anyways, try not to be creeped out. Some of these are vector art, most of them are drawn in a variety of illustration programs using my old graphics tablet. (which I sold because it was enormous and took up too much space considering I never use it anymore. I kindof want to buy a small one now though.)


I was fascinated by piercings. I have my ears done and that’s it.


This is the one with the filename ‘angsty’, in case you didn’t guess that. You can observe my professional illustration skills if you note that she is in fact hovering in nowhere with a blurry stock photo of a tree in the background. You’re welcome.


Those two were wallpaper images.


Even though this style was my wierd doodle style, I still love it. It made me smile then, and it makes me smile now. 😀




My dark era? ha. Also, how awesome was I at drama as a teen. “My innocence lost… my hatred found”… BAHAHAHA. Wow. I was reading a lot of fantasy books at the time. This wasn’t actually a fallen angel thing, I had read a book about a race of winged people and when they met unwinged people they were fascinated and a little haughty until the non winged people decided they were scared of them so it was time to kill them. It was a long time ago, I don’t remember how it all went down, just that it was good and angsty and I listened to Evanescence.


Another wallpaper image. Still love. haha.


The only major illustration I’ve done since I had kids.


It’s like a Troll doll got buff and became a pirate. Awesome.


some cutesy stuff was going on for a while there.


Vector image of a classmate in college.


I can’t really explain this one to you. Caffeine was (and is) my drug of choice but perhaps I was tripping out on some espresso while watching Emporer’s New Groove because the filename on this one is “LLAMAFAAAACE”



I take no responsibility for this one, it was a commission.


A vector image of a friend’s horsey, Mercedes.


I kindof hate the nose on this girl. But not quite enough to fix it now, because I don’t think I have the original file with the lineart layer any more.


Another vector. Music piracy, get it? I was into pirates and music for a while there. See troll pirate above.


My shotty webcam and my graphics tablet had a strange baby that was my user id pic somewhere for a long time. Boy, I had pretty volumous hair. Nice. I wonder who my hairdresser was at this time… I could use a good cut… (I have to be like, eighteen here.)


More vector art from in college! I made this with the intent to print it poster sized. I still smile when I see it. OUTRAGED SMILEY!!! (maiden name, what whaaat!)


Here’s the lineart for the “most recent” picture. I think I shall print it out for Nicole to color. Feel free to use it for the same purpose! Here is a link to print it out full size, let your printer resize it for a letter sized sheet. If you want to send me colored in pictures I would be delighted! Like, beyond tickled pink.

I hope you enjoyed my little walk down memory lane!

9 thoughts on “Ancient History (image heavy)

  1. Thanks for sharing! Love the engaged shot best for humour, the butterfly dreams best for style. And my husband would think the chick in the first pic is hot. 😉


  2. On the first wallpaper one, the guys pinky is kinda messed up.
    I remember always going through your books when we shared a room, I loved the pics.


  3. Love your drawings! I wanted to do graphics in college, along with journalism, but just ended up with the journalism as a major and minored in art instead (I'm just now learning the computer programs)!


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