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Sisterly Love videos

My apologies to those who can’t or won’t watch videos. Also to those who are really annoyed when parents who are overly impressed with their offspring post a two minute video to captures something cute that could probably be summed up with a 30 second edit. MY BAD.
(Ps, the two minutes of your cat hiding in a paper bag is just as bad as my two minutes of fart noises or whatever. Which neither of those videos is, so my apologies if you got excited about that idea.)

First video: RUNNING RUNNING RUNNING. Nicole is one of those kids who Likes To Run. Our living area is arranged in such a way that she has a track to run around. The course is around the coffee table and kitchen table. Olivia finds this fascinating/hilarious. I missed the first part when she was the most excited, where she was actually hyperventilating and her own little legs were motoring like mad (oh please no, don’t even think of it, girlie.)
I apologise for the messy house. Just kidding, no I don’t, it’s Saturday morning. Also you might want to turn your audio down because for some reason my camera has a really sensitive mic and Nicole does a REALLY shrieky laugh at one point.

The second video… KISSES. I know, you’re welcome, I did realize you were hoping I’d post some dreadfully entertaining video of how Olivia likes to excitedly give slobbery open-mouth baby-kisses to Nicole and only Nicole. What can I say, I know what the people what.

There’s definitely a special bond between these two girlies and it gives me glee. You see, when you’re pregnant you have all these idealistic mental pictures of your near future. Like, white fluffy blankets, cooing babies, cuddles, baby smell, yourself gently and lovingly smiling down on your two darling daughters. Just as an example.

Not, you know… mountains of poop-stained laundry, overstimulated babies screaming at 3:51am, being climbed all over by one slightly jealous kid while the baby grabs a fistful of hair from that spot at the nape of your neck, spit up smell, and yourself shrieking, “WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!?!?!” with a baby under one arm, six million bags under your eyes, and a guilty-looking three year old trying to hide the evidence of What She Did. Just as an example.

However, one idealistic daydream that did dance around in my head was my girls lighting up with grins when they catch each other’s eye, and having a special little sisterly/sibling bond. That seems to be coming true. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a definite lack of perfection to the reality, but it still makes me melt.

2 thoughts on “Sisterly Love videos

  1. baby kisses are great. even if they are open mouthed a slobbery and sometimes kinda salty cause there are boogers mixed in. thank goodness sydney has learned to close mouth kiss. i was planning on teaching her on her 16th bday (or 35th), but she figured it out herself.


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