Project 52–week 10


Yay, I’m so all over this. This is this week’s picture. And I am posting it on Saturday. I am giving myself a round of applause, feel free to join me. Also feel free to not ask how many baskets of laundry are sitting unfolded downstairs. The day is not done! Although considering it’s 9ish and I’ve been awake since 5, it’s maybe shameful that all I accomplished was feeding the kidlets, catching up on my blog feed, and adding three talented quilters to my blog feed. I have great intentions of doing some sort of stripwork quilt with the fabric in the background of this picture.

I actually deliberately set up a shoot for this week. I tend to have a picture of Nicole or a picture of Olivia, and while that is great because at this point in my life my days tend to revolve around them, PLUS it will be neat watching them grow when I flip through my Project 52 book later in life, I did want a picture of Nicole AND Olivia. So while there were individual shots of both girls that turned out MUCH better… I chose this one.

Let me know, by the way, if my photos are getting too bright. With my fixed lens I’ve noticed I’m veering away from doing much in the way of editing, and that I’m leaning towards LIGHT&BRIGHT. Well I mean, I’ve always leaned towards BRIGHT. But let me know if the LIGHT is getting out of control. I do notice my pictures are more clean and pure lately rather than artsy editing, as a general statement, as my skill with my camera develops. (Not just with my new lens, but before that as well.) Perhaps because I learned retouching first (in college) and photography second, that is part of my natural progression? Perhaps people who learn their cameras first and post-processing later might go in the opposite direction?
One thing is for sure, I would still describe my personal style/taste in photography as vibrant. (a while back I was doing a challenge that asked you to think about and try describe your ‘style’ in one word, and that was mine.) I do so love the soft and hazy look that some photographers have, and every once in a while I play with vintage flavours and such, but I always find myself pulled back to VIBRANT.
(which is not to say that if somebody wanted pictures done with a softer look that I would tell them no. But if I ever get to a day where I am doing it professionally and getting ‘busy’ enough that it wouldn’t hurt to pass on business, I would probably send them to a friend of mine who does lovely dreamy shots!)

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