Clutch Winner, and GO VOTE

First of all, People’s Choice at I Heart Faces today. Go vote for your favourite ten! If you vote for mine (168) I won’t be sad but there are TONS of amazing captures in there, so if you don’t vote for me I won’t be sad, either. Just go pick your favs!

Secondly, here’s some random shots of my little monsters from the other day. I say monsters because Nicole is being a lunatic today and Olivia is a cannibal. A small part of me wants to give up and put that kid on a bottle. Actually, two small parts of me. No fear, though, she still refuses one, plus I don’t actually want to stop nursing her. I just want her to stop biting. Did you know, when teeth are growing out, they get bigger every day? Of course you did. My husband asked how bad could it be since she is so little. I pointed out that while he could not nurse her, she could give him a good bite on his man-nipples and he could find out himself. He politely declined the experience. That’s what I thought.


Biting, always biting. I prefer when she bites her toys, not gonna lie.

Lastly, procratinateypants like, I entered all the names of the entries in the clutch giveaway into’s List Randomizer and randomized it with the executive decision that the name that came up as 1 would be the winner.

All the winning belongs toooooooo…


Cheri! I’ll be in touch. Clearly the competition was pretty stiff, all twelve of you, there, but we can’t all be winners like Cheri. I follow her blog so I’ll give you a random fact about her:
-Cheri has really pretty hair. I mean that in the least creepy way possible. Or do I?

Anyways, I’m off. The Cousins are putting a clear dome on the baby’s head and preparing to send her off to space.

(note: I’m a winner too, I won 27 swagbucks grabbing the link to link up to her blog. ha!)

(if you don’t know what that is, I’ll put the banner in here. I have earned like $20 in gift certs just by using them as my search engine, no extra effort. mwahaha.)

Search & Win

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