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Mystery solved

Ponder the following photos. Add in crabby evenings. What is the conclusion?




Yup, at 3.5 months little miss Olivia popped out her first tooth, bottom row. It’s twin is right beside it, just under the surface, ready to poke it’s sharp little self right out.

My boobs have never been so scared.

Also, with our second First Tooth, it suddenly hits me that this second baby will become a second CHILD. And apparently at record speed. I am not prepared. I am currently strategizing how to protect all my Stuff from a crawler – and a crawler from my Stuff. I did not mention, but two days ago? She went up on her hands and knees. WHAT THE CRAP, OLIVIA. Not impressed. Simmer down. I’ve been through all this ‘early everything’ stuff before, and aww so cute tiny little baby walking and taking my stuff and taking my stuff again and not learning the first seventy three times. Do you know what “no!” means to a nine month old walker? “Wah wah wah wah wah wah, wah wah wah.” a la Charlie Brown Teachers. That’s what.

And also? I’m watching her bite a little chewy toy right now, and get a good grip on it and just GRRR like that thing will not live if she has a choice. She will rip the throat out of that little orange lion. Good thing she won’t take a bottle. I think I’m next. Do you think if I throw a steak at her that’ll do?

edited two hours later: Second tooth broke out. My three month old has two teeth. Awesome.

2 thoughts on “Mystery solved

  1. Hang in there! Most babies don't start in with the biting mama in earnest until 8 or 9 months! And even then, just keep telling yourself, “I will survive”. 😉 Many have gone before you…


  2. aaaa hahahaha, teeth are funny. boobs are also funny. teeth and boobs, not funny. get yourself a sword to guard her off and maybe some polysporin in case she makes it through your barricade.


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