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C is for Valentine’s Day

So, on Sunday night I was sitting there (presumably. or possibly pacing with Olivia.) and then suddenly I was struck with an idea. Wouldn’t it be fun if for Valentine’s Day I made some heart shaped sugar cookies? And decorated them? And invited my sister in law and some littles (hers and one borrowed one as well) to come over and decorate the cookies with us? YES! It would be! So I fired off a facebook message and boom, there you have it, we had a date. Of course, the fact that I acted on a whim instead of planning ahead meant that I had to choose between setting up for cookies or cleaning the bathroom on Monday morning. Guess what I picked?


MMM, these were a lot tastier than my bathroom, let me assure you. I used to be one of those swish&swipe people and I really need to be again, because with Chris’ line of work it takes exactly 2 days for my bathroom to look like a truckstop.


Mine are the cookies with no sprinkles. I like sprinkles well enough in theory, but I had my eye on eating my cookies so they were pretty much sprinkle-free. The white “V” cookie I made for my husband. And don’t worry, I scraped the sprinkles off of one of those big heart cookies and ate that, too. For the children. I’m not sure whose children, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. And of course, cookie pops for the kiddos. Everything tastes better on a stick! The age range of the kiddos, by the way, varied from 1 to 3 years. The one year old was pretty good at it, my SIL spread on icing for him and he put on sprinkles to his heart’s content!

The recipe for these cookies is from Our Best Bites over here. They were YUM. YUMYUMYUM. Soft, and buttery, and I do love a short ingredient list. And the icing was milk, icing sugar, and a bit of pancake syrup. That sounds totally insane perhaps, but I didn’t have corn syrup to make a shiny glaze so I tried it and it worked.  They hardened to a hard glaze but still soft to bite into. Did I say YUM yet? Okay, NOMNOMNOM then.

Cookie cookie start with C!

One thought on “C is for Valentine’s Day

  1. MMmm! Those do look good! And they should, coming from the recipe blog you got them from! Thanks for sharing that site on facebook once. It's been my favorite food blog ever since! Way to go making baking a social event! You inspire me. 🙂 BTW, I am TOTALLY a 'swish&swipe' person!


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