day to day

Snow Thanks

Get it? Snow thanks? Because we didn’t want it?


Okay, moving on. Feast your eyes on the glorious mommy-pony-tail!

IMG_3819I spent my weekend doing a lot of this. Sitting around trying to make a baby laugh. Is it not ridiculous what lengths full grown adults will go to to try and coerce one little giggle out of a tiny baby?

IMG_3824Aaaaaaand no. Nada. We were trying to get a picture of her smiling, and my husband was pretty sure he could do it. We did get one kindof a happy face, but no full-blown smiles. Because, you know. The camera. It was out. And my Canon Rebel isn’t exactly a sneaky camera.

IMG_3807We have sooooo much snow right now. Chris decided that since we just redid our basement last year, and we would rather appreciate it not flooding, he was gonna snowblow all the backyard snow into the front. Or at least most of it. So, he spent hours shifting snow. But not as many as he would have if our neighbours hadn’t loaned us their blower!

IMG_3808Here’s a shot of the front, beFORE the new foot of snow. Or rather, during the beginning of it. Now, those of you who don’t regularly get ridiculous amounts of snow might not ‘get’ the big orange pole beside the fire hydrant. That, my friends, is to warn the snowplows. DO NOT PLOW THE FIRE HYDRANT. The city puts those in place pretty much as soon as the leaves start falling.

IMG_3758And here we have the backyard during the snowfall. I had to take autofocus off because snow really trips out autofocus. IMG_3769IMG_3770

Now, this is the kind of snow we got. Not the big fat smooshy make-a-snowman kind of snow. This is the dry, crystal-type snow that burns the face with a good wind (which there wasn’t really this time, so that’s nice) and just makes a mess. But hey, all the bugs are dead! Hoo-rah! And I can start my SUV from inside, so hahaha. I don’t care.

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