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matchy matchy matchy

Okay, so, as some of you may know, I enjoy matching. As more of you may know, that is a total lie. I get unmeasurable glee from creating matching sets of things. This is doubled if a)I did not plan to do it and it just happened by happy coincidence. Or b) I very deliberatly handmade a group of items to match.

Now, I realize that matching isn’t necessarily cool, in per se. One day, my kids will realize this. Until then, they are hapless victims  at my mercy  just as tickled pink as I am. I also pretend to not be madly in love when Nicole wants to match me. “Oh,” I sigh, “Nicole wanted us to wear matching hairclips today.” Meanwhile, I’m beside myself with glee, and just wishing that I’d had time to do something other than just a ponytail with mine.

ANYHOO. Getting to the point. I had made a lovely little dress for my chubster baby out of vintage fabrics and vintage trims. Unfortunatly, she was too chubster for it. In fact, she was rather quite stuck. While I was running for the seam ripper, my husband managed to get it off of her, bless his heart. “What will you do now?” he asked. “Well,” I replied, “I’ll wait and see if my friend has a baby girl, and if she doesn’t, I’ll sell it.”

IMG_3864Well, my friend had a baby girl! I couldn’t just give her the dress, though. That felt cheater-y. So, what did I do? I created a matching set! OF COURSE I DID! Now there is like a 2% chance that I could match my kiddos and not be the only one. I used scrap fabric to make a glass tile pendant and had a good chat with some leather cording I’d bought so it wouldn’t be so kinked as to not be worn. I used some more scrap fabric to create a rosette clip with a ‘pearl’ center, so it could be clipped to either the nylon bowband I whipped up, or the headband that I’d wrapped with the vintage bias tape I’d used on the dress.


Here’s the little dress itself. Nice and simple, with a long hem so that if it still fits widthwise when it’s outgrown lengthwise, it can be let out. There’s also a green taggie with a V (my last initial) on the outside back, to mark back from front. I think that gives it a little visual interest (which I of course did not photograph) while also preventing it from possibly chafing by being inside.


And here we have the set all nicely piled up! I wish I could say that I wrapped it beautifully and managed to coordinate the wrapping as well, and if I had an infinite supply of time I know exactly how I would have done so. (brown paper package, tied with more green bias tape, and with a navy/cream fabric tag. But of course.)


It is just precious to me, by the way, how TINY baby clothes are. Love.

(and I readjusted the pattern I drafted out, and until Olivia chubbs up some more, like tomorrow for example, I should be able to sew her dresses properly. In fact, I have a pair of MATCHY MATCHY brown knit peasant tops cut out and ready to sew for the girls riiiiiiight noooooowwww….. )


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5 thoughts on “matchy matchy matchy

  1. matchy match is my middle name!!! but then again, so is “interesting and unexpected constrast on a little kid”…like her cotton flowered gap button up with really cute faded glory dark grey striped pants. i can't decide which camp i want to pitch my tent, so i'll just sleep in the middle.


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