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Favourite Things Friday

Okay so I’m going to attempt to have a little more structure in the blog. I really enjoyed putting together a Favourite Things the other week, so I thought I’d made it a regular thing. For next week I’ll start up a draft and keep adding to it all week, but for now I’ll do what I’ve had on my mind this week. (those who are friends with me on facebook know I’m always posting links that I love on there, I think I’ll move it over to here now that Links is harder to find.)

-I’ll start with one of the links I get asked for most often, and that is for the project I did with Nicole for artwork for Olivia’s nursery. The idea came from here. For mine I gave Nicole a paintbrush and a few shades of the accent color I wanted for Olivia’s bedroom. When it was done and dried, I also added some scrapbooking border stickers, let her paint some more, then sprinkled on fine glitter. In person it adds some neat dimension. Chris and I both thought it turned out pretty gallery-worthy. (we may be biased, though)


Clean Slime over at Apartment Therapy… I stripped Nicole down to her underroos and threw her in the bathtub with some of this stuff, she had a blast! (picture from their website) When she was done I just scraped what I could into a container for another day, filled the tub, and her and the bathtub were both clean again.

This approach to Christmas Lights… this year it was after Christmas by the time I realized we had forgotten to turn our lights on at all this year, and by then it felt like it would just be embarrassing to start. Like pointing out that we had forgotten.

-These Be-Ribboned Soother Leashes at More Than Baby Blankets on Etsy. How clever are these cute little things! (they’re having a sleep sac sale, by the way, they’re all marked down to 15% off of regular price.)

Be-Ribboned Soother Leash

This adorable knitted Stella Pixie Hat … I haven’t been knitting lately but I keep coming back to this ridiculously adorable pattern. As soon as Olivia looks like she’s going down to one chin, or maybe even just a chin and a half, I’m picking up the needles. Right now I fear this would just be a push-up bra for her many chins.


(I’m building this post up in spurts while working around chores and my kids, and Olivia is currently making some fierce grunting noises whilst her backside is making some terrifying rumbling sounds. Wish me luck on that one. Fortunately she is in cloth at the moment so there won’t be a poopsplosion to deal with.)

I still haven’t made those cookie dough cupcakes because I’ve noticed that I’ve been ‘eating my feelings’ lately. In other words, when the girls stress me out I curl up around a cup of coffee and/or some sort of sweet confection. I’ve reacted to this realization by acknowledging my total lack of restraint (why fight a losing battle) and refusing to make or buy treats that I enjoy. I’m also not allowing myself to make myself a cup of coffee after lunchtime. As such, I’m currently demanding that people start inviting me over, because I feel absolutely no guilt about making scrummies for other people and sharing them with them, and then leaving said scrummies and going home. That said, supper is no-rules its-on-like-donkey-kong. I made a new biscuit recipe yesterday and of course since I’ve made a metric tonne of different biscuit recipes so have a pretty good idea of what I can get away with, I totally adapted it. Lots. So we had these tasty cheesy light biscuits for supper yesterday and they were the most. amazing. biscuits. yet. I have a new keeper. Definitely let me know if you want that recipe, it’s pretty easy, and you can make it without the cheese. (it’s still not gonna be dairy-free though, sorry.)

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