day to day

“fun facts”

My thoughts are as disjointed as ever, possibly more, and Chris has been very busy so I need to treat the internet to my verbal diarrhea instead. But I will pretend this is a list of facts instead of trying to mush it all into run-on sentences and paragraphs that start with one topic and end with something completely unrelated.

-first and foremost, my spellcheck does not appear to know how to spell diarrhea. I guess people don’t use that word in Windows Live Writer very often.

– Manitobe Merv has predicted at least six more weeks of winter. I would like to know why we have a provincial groundhog. I will now be taking over his position. Come see me next February.
“You live in Manitoba. You have six more weeks of winter. You’re welcome.”

– For about 22 hours now I have been periodically pondering the man who full-tilt-RAN down the road in front of mine and down the street towards the closest local school holding a bottle of white glue. What sort of glue emergency prompted this dash? Did the school not have any basic white glue? What kind of a school does not have any glue? Also, it was after four and school is out for at least half an hour by then. I am thoroughly perplexed. But kudos to him for being the kind of dad that will run several blocks in freezing cold weather to bring a bottle of glue.

-I made a new house rule today and it is by far my favourite. Anyone who shrieks “NO!” at mommy, or is otherwise disrespectful in expressing displeasure, gets sent to her room for two minutes. Perhaps it is not living up to its full potential, as Nicole was very politely tearfully screeching at me, “I want to call Papa PLEASE and tell him to spank you!” But the results have me repressing giggles instead of wanting to pull my hair out. Plus she spent a good deal of time in her room this morning before coming to the brilliant conclusion that being disrespectful is not worth it. So? win/win.

-Our mailman today was a different one than usual and of Asian descent. Nicole wanted to go out and say hi to him because she thought he was my midwife. Awesome. Midwife doesn’t have a moustache, there, Nicole.

-Yesterday Chris was polishing off the rest of my home made croissants and he was like, “Imagine if I was the kind of guy who demanded hot fresh croissants when I got home from work every day?” Well. First of all. I’m pretty sure there is nobody who demands hot fresh croissants when they get home from work every day. “Well, what if they had a butler?” Well, then I guess they could afford to be that demanding, because I don’t imagine any wife would take too kindly to that demand.

Okay, that really doesn’t disguise itself as facts at all. And also, I definitely still go in some run-on sentences. My bad!

One thought on ““fun facts”

  1. You make me smile. Also. Diarrhea. 🙂 (no, diarrhea doesn't make me smile. But saying it kind of does. Because I have the maturity of a three year old. Poop. 🙂 )


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