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CSN Stores Gift Credit Giveaway

If you’ve been hiding under a rock without internet for the last year, then you might not have heard of CSN stores. They sell everything from swing sets to bar stools to shoes to desks to art supplies. Like, a certain major chain store that starts with Wal is probably a little embarrassed about how little variety they have in comparison. Especially since the prices can be quite competitive, last year I reviewed a change table from them that was on sale for about $70, and I recently looked up the price at some store called Toys R Somethingorother, and it was at least twice that for the same dang thing.

If you are interested in winning a $35 gift credit for CSN Stores – it can be used for any of their bazillion or so products, but doesn’t cover shipping or duties if you’re a Canuck like myself – just leave a comment below. I’m not going to make this complicated with a bazillion ways to enter, HOWEVER… I will be giving an automatic entry to everyone who ‘likes’ me on facebook. If you comment and you already like me, you have two entries. If you comment and you like me before I draw names, you also have two entries. If you like me already and you don’t comment and you never even read this post, you still get an entry, just because I like my like-ers. Ha.

I’m not a spamtastic person to ‘like’, but my ‘like’ers get a note in their feed when I add a new post and the first bit of the first paragraph. I think that’s nifty.


the ‘fine print’: international entries welcome, you have to pay your own shipping, duties show up up front when you pay for shipping so no unpleasant surprises, CONTEST CLOSES FEBRUARY 4 2010, just so maybe you can order your sweetie something for Valentine’s Day.

27 thoughts on “CSN Stores Gift Credit Giveaway

  1. I “like” you. oh wait, I mean, I LIKE you. I….LiKe?? you?? I'm so not an online shopper, maybe I should get into that. The inter-web and all it's jazz, I dunno, can this old (?) dog learn a new trick?


  2. Well i have the net, but i guess i have been hiding under a rock! haha. Never heard of CSN but gazed thru there stuff just now… looks great! Thanx for the chance to win 🙂


  3. Never heard of CSN stores, so thanks for drawing attention to it. By the way, your blog makes me laugh aloud. Seriously! …and I MAY have read bits of your entries aloud to someone, once in awhile, …or something like that.


  4. I am a Canuck too! I've read other blogs about CSn but have not bought there yet but I am sure it would be fun! I like you on Face Book too although my name is different over there…..weddings do that to us.


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