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First of all, I am finally caught up on my blog reader post-Christmas! Ridiculous. I did a lot of skimming, which I feel a bit bad about, and I didn’t comment very much, sorry guys, but I’m caught back up. Super. It’s been a hectic week, let me tell you. Two dentist visits in two days… Nicole’s first trip to the dentist was one of those two days, she was a champ, and good thing too. The poor girl inherited one of the less awesome family traits from my side, weak enamel. She has five cavities already! Poor baby. We took her off the bottle early and everything, but to no avail. We’re going to get really strict with the toothbrushing as part of her daily routine. Speaking of Nicole, check out how we found her sleeping this evening. I die.

IMG_3592She’s such a great big sister, she even knows how to soothe Olivia when she’s fussy. I love so much watching her grow into her new role. They’re so sweet together. (for now. Twelve years from now they’ll be fighting over the blowdryer, I am fully aware.)IMG_3572

One thought on “CAUGHT UP

  1. I have bad enamel too! Kanis family thing for sure, thankfully I think the boys have missed it (mind there is still alot of time to find out)


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