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Big Giant Baby is one month old

Big Giant Baby… That should be my new nickname for Olivia. Also toying with Meatball, Porkchop, Chubby Monkey, and Rolie Polie Olie. She’s one month old today. Here’s what else she did today:

– roll over from front to back. Several times. Once in front of witnesses.

– started wearing cloth diapers. This does not exactly have a slimming effect on my little meatball. But that’s okay, cos we like big butts and we cannot lie.

– weighed in at a whopping 11lb 10oz !! What a champ. Olivia started off with a weight advantage, but Nicole and Olivia were both pretty much 9lb on the nose at one week old. Olivia has regained the lead with a vengeance.


We were looking at a picture of her at two days old and we don’t think she’s changed much… she kindof came out looking about a month old. And smiling. And giving us strange looks. And farting; man, how quickly you forget. Such a tiny tiny person… amazing how she can clear a room with one little pffft. Okay, that’s a lie, it’s rarely a little pffft. It’s more like an echoing rumble. IMG_3143 Guess how the adjustment to shampoo free is going?

aslkdjfaw;oeiyrwqe;oainraoijasklefj ;4iut0429ur5k!!!!! That’s how. Thanks for asking. I’m ready to give up. I am just hovering at that point where you don’t want to give up because you have tried soooo hard/long and maybe it will get better soon? It’s like where you watch a movie to the end because you figure it has got to get better at some point. Except sometimes? It never does. I grow suspicious that my hair may just be that movie.

On a sweeter note, I will take advantage of this public forum to announce that I made cake pops. No, that’s not what I was going to say. I’m such a glory hound. I was going to say that Chris is awesomesauce. He beat me home today, and by the time I pulled in he had cleaned the kitchen (no small feat today, trust. I was fearing and dreading the task) and turned on the dishwasher. Then he built a gingerbread house for/with Nicole. He then proceeded to make sortof a chicken parmesan kind of dinner that was super yum, give Nicole a bath, cuddle Olivia while I put Nicole’s jammies on, go downstairs and sew something (I’m not joking. He fixed the dog leash after the dog chewed it up, and came upstairs cackling like a maniac and leashed the dog up just to show her he had won this week’s Man vs Beast.) Then he laid down on the couch and let Nicole make him pretty with her toy blow dryer/curling iron/curlers. She was hilarious because she kept asking him how his day was and after the third time he got kind of flustered. He even lay there like a champ while she put on my lip stain, even though I was shaking with silent laughter on the loveseat. And of course he helped me put Nicole to bed. I’m pretty sure what I was doing for most of this was sitting on my duff.

(that last paragraph was about my cake pop bouquets, right??)

Now, Chris is not awesomesauce all the time 24/7/365. See anything related to hunting. But when Chris is awesomesauce he loads it on with nuts and cherries and caramel and sparkles. So I’d like to order a pair of confetti cannons and a marching band to celebrate the awesomeness of Chris. Powpow bwah bwah bwah boom boom.

(I’d like to and I am going to are different. I can’t afford that shit, you crazy?)

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