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Sugar & Spice

For your sweet tooth, a little sugar… IMG_3028 Sweet little sisters. (Olivia is four weeks old today!)IMG_3029 Nicole finds the play gym fascinating, and Olivia finds Nicole fascinating. Everybody wins.IMG_3061 If nothing else, at the end of the day, Nicole loves her baby sister and she’s such a great big sister. She loves Olivia to pieces and tries to do her best to show it. Whether it’s picking the best diaper at changing time or putting her soother in her mouth when she’s fussing, or even helpfully hollering “OLIVIA IS CRYING, MOMMY!” when I’m in the bathroom.

But of course, let’s not forget the spice.

(hint: wrong)IMG_3108  Chris and Nicole look like they got into a fight and she won. About half true… Nicole got into a fight, and she lost. It was over popcorn. Worth it? No, I would say not. She did learn a valuable lesson about tattling telling an adult instead of trying to deal with “sharing issues” by herself.
Chris got into a fight with a board and he kindof won. But the board is probably saying ‘…but you should see the other guy.’
Olivia is just wondering how her life came to this.
And I’m cropped out for a reason. Lets just say, unflattering angle, plus I look slightly desperate for a drink.IMG_3119 Family photo fail. First of all, valuable life lesson, run don’t walk if you’re wearing something shiny and there’s a flash involved. And then Nicole and Chris are both banged up and if you look through the photos from the attempted shoot, my smile says ‘oh happy day’ and my eyes say ‘somebody save me.’ Also, Olivia is clearly unimpressed.  I scrapped most of the shoot and went with a fun and kindof silly composite-type idea for our Christmas pictures instead. Will share after we send out the cards.

And as a final and totally unrelated note, jeggings (jean leggings) are the greatest thing since sliced bread. And I’m (probably) not just saying that because you have to go down a size from your normal size. Comfy, slimming, fits nicely in tall winter boots, makes it easy to look dressy while feeling comfy…. yum. I recommend the Comfort Fit ones at Reitmans, especially if you don’t have rock hard abs. (I have only ever had rock hard abs twice in my life. Both times I was severely pregnant. ha.)

One thought on “Sugar & Spice

  1. Happy four weeks Olivia!!
    I LMAO at the last sentence! I don't have jeggings…yet. But have been considering it, now I know where to look:)


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