day to day

a few brief points

Let’s see if this actually stays brief. I’m not a champ at that. We’ll try making this in list form and see if that helps.

1) Does anyone know how to fix my blogger so that my Older Posts / Newer Posts show up properly on the bottom? Google has failed me. Well, it gave me some suggestions but none of them worked and there was maybe some swearing. I used to be able to code webpages from scratch with HTML and sparkles but that skill is lost to me. And/or css and javascript and all that crazy jazz is beyond me.
But look what I can do with my old-school magic. SHAZAM!Ok, I’m done. Moving on.

2) Being brief is not going so super. Also I keep thinking of underwear.

3) Chris and Nicole went on a father-daughter date to see Tangled on saturday and I hear it was awesome.

4) I had some cable knit grey tights but they were always a little short on the leg and thusly fit awkwardly after about three seconds. This weekend I turned them into leggings and it went splendidly. Shall I share a tutorial on how to turn tights into leggings? I have quite a few I need to do for Nicole. It’s super easy. PS This means that yes, I was in my sewing room operating my serger for a few minutes! EEEEEE! Hoping to do some good sewing this week! Hoping HARD!

5) I can’t remember what else I was going to say. And also, Tim Hortons just opened up half a block down from my house and I predict that will not end well for my budget or waistline. Candy cane donuts = awesome. And I’m not a donut person, chocolate and peppermint are just always winners with me.

6) So much poop. So, so much poop. Like, fill up the kitchen sink, gingerly pull off the diaper, and throw the baby in with onesie still on. That much poop.

One thought on “a few brief points

  1. Have you tried changing your blog template to see if that's the problem? Just make sure you copy and save your template html in notepad or something first so you can put it back how you want it.
    What you could do is make a second private blog, use the exact same template and code and fiddle with it there until you can get it to work properly again. That way you don't confuse anyone here while you are working on it.
    I have no idea what would cause those links to disappear!
    Found you via a Winnipeg blogroll. 🙂


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