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cos I’m five years old

If you don’t check out this awesome and adorable tutorial by Samster Mommy I am pretty sure we can’t be friends anymore.

And I mean I’m super cranky today because at 2am I was still up with my three week old and my three year old was hollering at me that she can’t sleep when Olivia is crying, and also that she can’t sleep without her dreams. I’ll let you puzzle that one out. I know some people go to bed at 2am on the regular but I am totally not one of those people, I need normal sleep to not be a complete bear. Which roughly translates to mean that I’m a real treasure lately, what with the new baby and all. I look super awesome too. I’d post a picture but I don’t want to break the internet. Oddly enough it’s just my face that’s like ‘WOAH PUT IT AWAY!!!!’ … my body totally snapped back from baby#2 infinitely better than baby#1. Like, no skinflap or anything. I know, I’m delicious to talk to. I’m not wearing deodorant or pants without a drawstring, either, wanna come over for coffee?

I bet my ‘can’t be friends anymore’ threat is pretty scary.

IMG_3025 (random pretty-baby picture to soften the blow of reading my crazed posts lately)

2 thoughts on “cos I’m five years old

  1. one of my first five posts ever on this blog goes into the skinflap way more than is probably appropriate in a public place. But nobody tells you about the skinflap beforehand and if they do you don't believe them and then it's all like “I COULD SLAP SOMEBODY WITH THIS THING!!!?!?!!” and you're pretty sure you are never leaving the house without a parka again.
    Postpartum = super fun.


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