Olivia – 6 days

I have decided that although we’re a day short, I am going to jump the gun and decide I survived The First Week. It was a little touch-and-go for a minute there… Olivia had some problems feeding and I didn’t realize it at first, it looked like she had a perfect latch but her mouth was so small she actually wasn’t latching on properly on her own. IMG_2898 So Olivia wasn’t sleeping at night AT ALL, and at one point she was basically nursing for 12 hours straight. Plus I was getting rather hurty. So I decided to do a little research online and figured out the above problem and how to remedy it. She needs a little extra help getting started but now we’re smooth sailing and she gained 5oz in the last three days! She’s sleeping more normally, I’m sleeping, period, and add in that my sister took a ‘shift’ from 9pm to 3am Saturday night… let’s just say, Sunday morning when I was showering, I was singing a version of that song “Human Again” to myself in the shower. “Human again… I feel human again…” IMG_2904 It’s amazing the difference a few days can make. Saturday morning Chris shot me an annoyed look because I hadn’t written a grocery list for him (he did our groceries yay) when he’d asked three days in a row, and that was enough to have me fighting back tears. Saturday evening I looked like a zombie and my mom was pointedly handing me a bowl of refried beans to dose my burrito with a hearty helping of iron. Then I went to bed at 9 and slept off-and-on until 3, was up with Olivia til 5, and slept again until 8. Cue the music. IMG_2917Nicole is still very excited about having a baby sister. In fact, today she told me, “Mommy, when I’m bigger and I have big boobies I want to feed Olivia.” I didn’t see the point in explaining that idea away, she’ll figure it out on her own I’m sure.  IMG_2922 Still a tiny bit of jaundice around her eyes from the bruising she got being born so fast. My bruising from the many attempts to get an IV in still looks pretty brutal, I wish I healed up that fast! Until she’s all cleared up the bassinette gets to be by the window for a little sunshine therapy.IMG_2929 Now that her feeding issues are resolved, holy man, SUCH an easy baby. I mean, she’s a baby, its still taking me all day to write this post in bits and pieces. But she barely cries, she’s easy to soothe, very content. I didn’t realize what a little screamer baby Nicole was until now. IMG_2932If I have more, I’d like more like this one, please. Seriously, if she’s crying? And you talk to her in a normal voice? She stops crying and stares at you like you have the most fascinating point ever. Forget whatever she was upset about, mommy is talking! I like it.  IMG_2945 check out that hair! IMG_2947 Long fingers… not from me, I have chubby stubbies.IMG_2952 A little room to spare in the hat I freehanded…IMG_2953 Not too bad though>IMG_2955 Nicole and Olivia. Nicole got my chubby stubbies.IMG_2962 I will do a nursery tour soon! Here’s the bassinette by the livingroom window. I added the bottom ruffle while I was not-busy being overdue.

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