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the eldest child

Technically still the only child. She was a fairy for preschool costume day. I spent around half an hour on her hair, and a week later there is still glitter stuck on her scalp and showing up in random places in my house. I read somewhere once that glitter is the herpes of the crafting world. That is so incredibly inappropriate but so incredibly true. IMG_2643She was a fairy because I figured she would be easier to manage playing a fairy all day than she would be playing a dragon all day. You’re welcome, preschool teacher. She wore the dragon costume for mall trick-or-treating on Friday, and decided it was a dinosaur as soon as she put it on. She was also a dinosaur for the costume party my SIL threw for her kids and Nicole on Saturday. My neighbour lady thinks our poor child is deprived and feels sorry for her because we didn’t want to take her trick or treating this year since it was a Sunday. I think I feel sorry for her kid, it was ridiculously cold that night, plus my kid got to dress up three times last week. She doesn’t really like most candy anyways. Rockets, gummies, maybe the little tootsie things – she’s undecided – and she likes chocolate alright but it’s not her first pick. Which is great because she makes a melty mess because she eats it so slow. So I eat them for her. It’s what’s best for everyone. 

(spoiler alert – baby room paint color! Jamaican Aqua! Somebody asked my hubby if we just reused the paint color from Nicole’s ceiling. This is actually the same color as my craft room. A nice bright aqua. Nicole’s ceiling is actually a very bold hyper-pigmented blue. This picture is from when we just put all the baby stuff I got early on in the room, before I started to decorate it for the specific gender)P1090212I made her this shirt from scratch last week while my camera was at my SIL’s. Hence the crummy picture. The hems are all done up with messy random unfinished ruffles, and there are some rosettes on the neck. I like it and she likes it and it looks cute on her. Check check check, winner winner chicken dinner. The ‘pattern’ is from a shirt she has that fits nicely, but I lengthened it to give it some growing room, and I made the sleeves a bit on the long side since it’s the chilly time.  P1090216 What she does not like so much is the matching hair clip I made her. She wouldn’t even try it on. But that’s okay, I’ll sneak it onto a hat sometime and she’ll wear it. She LOVES hats.

So, I’m due in three days. This morning Nicole tells me that I’m going to poop the baby out and the baby is going to go PHWEEEEW! flying through the air and Nicole is going to catch her. I was like, PANIC. And I was like, “No, mommy’s not going to poop the baby out, that’d be gross huh?” And she looks kindof thoughtful for a minute and she’s like, “But baby’s gonna go PHWEEEEW! flying in the air and Cole gonna catch baby, right?” “Uh, no.” “Can we throw the baby and Cole catch baby?” “Um, no, we don’t throw babies. That’s not very nice, is it?” “But I will catch the baby.” (said in that tone of voice that I’m not very smart and clearly missing something important.) 
“Hey, where are your socks? Let’s go find them.”

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