day to day


Okay so I apologize for potentially scarring you earlier, but I just wanted to share that the baby room is painted and set up! I just need to decorate and move stuff in! This is not super huge unless you know that even my husband’s friends who don’t really know me well were starting to be like, “So, uh, you know your wife is having a baby right away, right?” I mean, the man’s been making sure I have a car and a phone available at all times just in case, but he hadn’t painted the room yet. My own friends and family have been persecuting him for a while yet because I am quite twitchy about it, I didn’t get to do a nursery for Nicole b/c we were transitioning house-wise and I might not get to do another one. Yet still Chris swore it’d be done before the baby got here. Well, hallelujah, he was right! As previously mentioned, my camera is at my SIL’s so I can’t share any photographic evidence.

I’d totally do a victory dance right now if I wouldn’t look like the ballerina hippos from Disney’s Phantasia and also random Mickey Mouse movies.

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