pet ghostie

Ooooooh… looks, so fun spooky, flying around all mysteriously. IMG_2584

Here we have the most ghetto-fabulous tutorial/toy ever.

Step one: take a used dryer sheet. Or half a used dryer sheet, if you use them torn in half like I do.

Step two: Tear a little hole in a corner and tie a ribbon on it. Optionally, use a black marker to draw a ghostie face.

Step three: find an air vent and let your pet ghostie flyyyyyy!

Listen, you. I’m nine months pregnant, and busy trying to explain to my three year old that it is NOT a good thing to do things that might cause you to lose a tooth. She keeps reassuring me the toothfairy will come. I keep trying to get across to her that her teeth will not grow back yet.

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