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Party Like It’s My Birthday

Goodness gracious. It was my birthday on Monday and I didn’t say a thing about it. Normally I like to take a picture of myself on my birthday but since I look like I haven’t sleep in a month and that’s not likely to change over the next three months or so, here’s some attractive smiles for you instead.


First, some bloggy fun. I turned 24, so let’s do 24 fun facts.

24 Fun Facts About Lor
1) I used to draw anime-style drawings. And I was good at it. 
2) I’ve fired a rifle on two separate occasions and hit what I was aiming at both times. I do not, however, know how to load a rifle and set it up for shooting.
3) I have ADHD.
4) my favourite color is pink
5) my favourite drink is coffee
6) I am terrified of spiders. Not quite phobic, I can put on a brave face for the sake of the children. But I once sat tensely in a chair for half an hour in my kitchen, waiting for Chris to come inside, watching a spider on the ceiling because I didn’t want it to go hide or something while I was getting him.
7) My favourite season is autumn. My birthday, thanksgiving, pretty, nice temperatures… total bonus that I’ll have an autumn baby as well now.
8) My husband is only a year older than me, even though I’m pretty sure a lot of people think he’s a bit of a ‘cradle robber’
9) I haven’t colored my hair once since after that horrifying time I went blonde two summers ago. No, I’m not going to link back.
10) My second toe is longer than my big toe. My lovely hubby thinks its horrifying and was very grateful when Nicole was born with appropriately short toes.
11) I read the Twilight series. Each book took me five hours or less. Speed reader, hup!
12) I have zero athletic ability. I’d rather hit the gym than play sports with my friends. The gym is less embarrassing. I’m not just saying that.
13) My feet are swollen. This probably wouldn’t have made it on here if I didn’t finally realize it last night and if this had happened to me last pregnancy too. It’s a new one to me, and I’m horrified.
14) I once had a Western Civ paper returned to me with a note from the teacher, “You should use your powers for good.”
15) The longest my hair has ever been is 3/4 down my back. The shortest my hair has ever been (since it finally grew in when I was two, I mean) is about an inch long, probably half an inch in some places.
16) My hair has been crimson, burgundy, dark brunette, and various in-betweens. Its also been blonde, and once it was accidently kindof green.
17) I have green eyes and one of them has a ‘freckle’ in the ring of green. 
18) I can stick out my tongue and touch my nose/chin.
19) I’ve never been in a ‘club’ type bar, only lounge types.
20) With the exception of a two-year span in my toddler years and nine months where we lived with my parents while waiting on possession date for our current house, I’ve always lived in a major city.
21) I’m a Heinz 57 mix of nearly half of the whitest whitey white heritages out there. Mostly Dutch, though, since my dad is straight-up Dutch. So is my husband. No wonder my daughter is so monstrously tall.
22) I went to a private school K-12
23) I have passionate feelings about flyers. Even if I don’t even get around to flipping through my favourites, I get very cranky if they’re not delivered on the day I expect them. Then I check my mailbox constantly and glower around the neighbourhood wondering where the Flyer Kids are. Don’t worry, I recycle my flyers when I’m done poring over them for stuff I won’t buy.
24) I can play the flute

So, what am I doing for my birthday this year? My husband and his brothers seem to have a habit of marrying women who are born in October. One of my sisters in law is six months pregnant, and hi, the other one has four high-energy kids. So we’re all perfectly ok with hiding in my basement watching a chick flick and eating munchies with a few friends to celebrate our Birthday Month. Normally I like to throw myself a big fun bash, but this ninth month of pregnancy is just slaying me. So, low-energy low-prep party it is. But if I get ambitious I’ll force everyone to make pendant necklaces or cake pops. Bwahaha.

So, can’t have a birthday without presents. So, get to your mailboxes! Where are my gifts?! Juuuuust kidding. A giveaway! I’m planning on hiding in my happy place doing some crafting today so we’ll see what I come up with. Come back in the next few days to see what I’m giving away and to enter the giveaway!

One thought on “Party Like It’s My Birthday

  1. that picture kills me, lol!

    And you better believe I'm going to go back through your archives and find the blonde hair. 🙂 I'm evil like that.


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