above the couch


Pardon the towel on the chair and the crooked photos…. and the bouncy chair randomly sitting around, and the clutter in the front from the wreath and laptop sitting on the on the coffee table… I basically just snapped this picture for Today’s Creative Blog’s linky party, because I realized I had never posted an updated picture after I added my clock. It looks like an old stopwatch and makes me happy.

This whole thing will be redone in a few months… with the way our house is arranged right now, this looks really off-kilter on the long wall it’s on. (the kitchen table is to the left of the loveseat, generally further away, but for some reason it’s been slowly creeping into the livingroom.) Either I’ll make this a bigger display with more pictures (including ones of Baby V obviously) or I’ll switch it to the smaller opposite wall and come up with something entirely different for this wall.

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