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So, to summarize this crazy week in photos…. Chris has embraced the fact that it’s coveralls season. (He’s happier about it than this photo would lead you to believe. As am I. Coveralls means cleaner pants.)IMG_2208 Nicole started preschool! She’s in a once-a-week two-hour nine-week program. In other words, just for funsies. But boy does she enjoy it!IMG_2230 She is pleased as punch and oh-so-proud. I sewed her a cute little messenger bag for school, I’ll have to do a post on it sometime next week. I’m actually hoping to tweak the measurements a bit and do a tutorial. Nicole loves her ‘backpack’!! It is, of course, blue. IMG_2234 I got a haircut! I did not at any point intend for Nicole and I to have the same haircut, honest to donuts. It doesn’t look the same in the back, mine is a lot more shaped. Another big difference would be that my hair is much less likely to contain pancake syrup on any given day. (I recognize I look a little rough, but hey, that’s pretty accurate. It’s been a lot week, Nicole is being a bit ‘challenging’ and Chris has been very busy so it’s been just me and her more often than not!)IMG_2239Loving on her baby. “When the leaves fall off and it gets snowy the baby is coming and then CHRISTMAS!” She has priorities. 😉 She is very excited though. (If that sounds like a strange timeline, more often than not we seem to get our first snowfall right around halloween here. So it is pretty on-target with my Nov. 5 due date.)  IMG_2243Even when she’s being a huge “challenge”,” I just adore this girl. I wouldn’t trade her for a night without pee-breaks, even.

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