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So Nicole and I went and played downstairs in my/our craft room for a while. Her crafting involved foam sheets/stickers, a glue stick, and lots of googly eyes. I’m not sure what she was doing but she was quite happy. At one point she proudly presented to me her hands with a googly eye on each fingertip. To each her own. 😉 IMG_2200 I had burned a kazillion of these little circles when I was helping a friend make a hairpiece for a wedding. I always meant to do something with the extras, and today I sat down and whipped them up into two flowers, a smallish-medium one for my hair and a tiny one for my ring. I’m not entirely 100% certain which blogger inspired the little ring one, I think it was Mrs. Priss. She’s hilarious, btw, go laugh at her. Except maybe don’t because she’s kindof pregnant and hormonal right now, like somebody else we know *cough* and you never know how she might interpret it. IMG_2197 Funny story in regards to the hairpin one. I was sitting in the furthest corner of the basement, aka my craft room, and thinking angstily about how my bobby pins were all the way upstairs. I was considering finishing it up later, with the hassle of going up and down over just one little bitty bobby bin. Just then, I kidd you not, a bobby pin fell out of my hair and plinked onto the floor. Yup, yesterday I did some sort of swiss-miss around-the-head braid and secured it with pins and it’s still in there today, so there were a kazillion bobby pins in my hair and I had forgotten all about it until one fell out just at that moment.IMG_2194

Too funny 🙂

(I’m not going to try to come close to the large number of amazing tutorials on how to do these flowers that are out there. If you’re curious, just ask and I’ll hunt a few down for you.)

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