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Craft Room – 99% finished!

IMG_2160 It needs new chairs, and the drop ceiling and lighting need to be dealt with. Also, the plug in thingers are still kindof hanging out of the wall. But not bad for a corner that started off like this when we moved into our house:

DSC04215 DSC04218 The wall to the left there that the TV was on was actually a stone panelling, so that makes three types of panelling in here, plus another kind in the hallway leading up to this, if I recall correctly. Very stylin. Also, the carpet had the texture of astro-turf, so that was nice. Chris stripped it down to the concrete and reinsulated, framed everything up differently, and now we have our gorgeous playroom and MY gorgeous ‘play’room! My husband totally ROCKS.

IMG_2161 Here we can see how I’m allowed to be as ridiculous as I want to in here. Hot pink iron was a wedding gift (holla, Deen!) and the ironing board cover was from Winners. Also you can see a partially-pieced quilting project. It was technically my first project, but after I pieced it I pieced and quilted a dolly quilt with some scraps, since I figured I better actually try quilting first. I will find it and post about it later. Also you can see some blue hearts fabric, because EVERYTHING HAS TO BE BLUE for Nicole lately. Not that she hates pink or anything, thank goodness. But “No… I want blue.” is her fav phrase. IMG_2162 When I work on a project that requires the serger, I have it pulled out all the way to the front of the desk and then there is ample room to use both machines at once. Not like I can actually physically do that, but I don’t have to move anything around (except say, myself) to be able to switch back and forth. IMG_2164 I have a little nook for Nicole. In the storage thing goes craft supplies I don’t mind her having full access to. So, not her paints or glitter glue. She’s three. She still gets Bright Ideas sometimes. IMG_2165 Okay I just love all the shiny whiteness and the organized-ness. I fit all of my crap priceless craft supplies in there! I love boxes. Theoretically I could hide lots of things in the cubbies under the desk but I am hippo-pregnant right now and crawling under a desk isn’t so much going to happen right now. IMG_2166When there is no flash, my memory makers cabinet looks like it was MADE to be in this room. (I got it a few years back with a 50% off Michaels coupon!) My spool ribbons live here… a cheese whiz jar full of little vials of glitter… thread… cutting tools… inks… some double-sided tape type adhesives… fabric glues, fabric paints, painty paints… and a bunch of random small things. IMG_2168 From left to right… knits, clothing-type fabrics (denim, suiting, shiny, etc), upholstery/home dec fabrics, quilting cottons. And of course my little Janome serger had to sneak in the shot. IMG_2169 Look, an almost empty shelf! I will probably put a few more pictures and little happy things in this one yet.IMG_2170 Upper left shelf, this is where Nicole’s paints and glitter glues are hiding. Also my prismacolor pencil crayons, the craft supply that’s been with me the longest. It was a gift from my parents back in highschool! (I bet a lot of you didn’t even know I draw. Drawing was the first thing I did. Actually in highschool, the only thing. As opposed to schoolwork. cough.) And a box of fun pens and painting pens and gel pens and markers and doodad writing thingers. And of course, Mod Podge! IMG_2171 My cricut, a gift from Chris the Christmas after Nicole was born. I don’t use it nearly often enough. Actually, I haven’t used it in forever. I do have some projects with it planned though, if I can find my Doodlecharms cartridge back!IMG_2172 I have a lot of patterns. Not counting my supply of Ottobre magazines, which are all over the house. I love Ottobre…IMG_2173My broom! It makes me happy when I sweep. Chris would describe it as ‘the most hideous thing I have ever seen. In my life.’ …I think he’s just jealous. He asked incredulously where you even buy stuff like this. Well, this baby is from Winners, but I text messaged him victoriously on Saturday because at HomeSense there is an ENTIRE AISLE full of fancy brooms and mops and suchlike. Yay!  IMG_2174 The view when you first enter the room. Nicole’s stuff is up in front so she has no excuses to hide under my table and ‘help’ me press the footpedal.IMG_2176 And just for funsies, this is what I looked like when I finished doing all the dragging-downstairs-of-the-craft-supplies and organizing. No fear, Chris did the heavy lifting and I broke down my crap supplies into laundry baskets full and hauled it downstairs that way. Seriously, you have no idea how much crap supplies are in this room. Suffice it to say, more than several laundry baskets full, over several days/weeks.IMG_2185Awww, I love you baby. Even if you are made of lead. Seriously, my midwife didn’t even weigh my yesterday, she just felt the baby and was like, “Wow, baby sure grew a lot this time!” Yeah, I noticed. The three-point-turn middle of the night rollover has turned into a five-point-turn, occasionally with assist. We have a 24/7 Charlie Horse over here, too. Low, low baby. I’m gonna sneeze this little goober out when the time comes. There’s not much distance to travel. Six weeks left! Not enough time to get everything I’d like to finish done, but holy-cow-seriously-I-have-to-keep-getting-bigger-for-another-six-weeks?! at the same time. 

I’ll be linking up to a few linky parties. Don’t be shocked if this post gets edited a few times as I add some more. Here we be:

16 thoughts on “Craft Room – 99% finished!

  1. This room is SO awesome! I love its shiny whitness and organized-ness too! I also love your blog design! Your header is adorable! Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Looks great and so do you! My daughter is due October 23rd. and is feeling pretty much the same! Hang in there!



  3. your before and after is great, your title is what brought me over (so creative!) and your header is flippin' adorable! can't wait to see what else ya got over here!


  4. Really cute. I love how you used the Expedit. I have the same desk and it is way to wide for a desk. But it works perfectly for a craft desk to be used on both sides. Cute blog too.


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