Baby V

32 weeks

Okay, here I am, all up in the third trimester. Yes, I still look like I maybe ate my friends that are due just a few weeks after me. Yes, a bad hair day is a good hat day. Yes, when baby stretches you can see little elbows and knees poking out of my side. IMG_2130  I am what my husband would describe as ‘physically repulsive’ by which he means ‘I can’t get past the fact that your tummy pokes me back… I still love you, I’m just a wee little bit creeped out’. That statement did require some explaining, as you can imagine, especially as I do still weigh less than I did here:Picture 002 mmm, September 2008. Delicious. You suck it in all you want, big girl. The only thing I was still fitting from highschool back then was my earrings. Which, coincidentally, still fit now. Not to brag or anything.IMG_2133 As you can probably tell, I didn’t even bother to photoshop these bad boys. There is only so much photoshop can do, and when the sun is catching your wee little bumchin just so, you just give up. You feel me? Anyways, tomorrow or later today I should hopefully be posting pictures of my craft room, I finally finished organizing everything! I have a lot of crap valuable crafting supplies.

Oh, exciting news! My husband started smoking when he was 15. TERRIBLE, I KNOW. Anyways, he’s sworn to quit before we got engaged/married/had a baby/got pregnant again. He’s tried many times. This time, he just was like, “You know what, this is crap. I’m not smoking anymore. It costs too much and I could be spending that money on hunting stuff.” (yaaaay, more hunting stuff… cough.) And he talked to his doctor and she put him on some antidepressants because apparently that can help you get through the first bit of quitting. He went on them for a week, and a few days ago he casually mentioned he hadn’t had a smoke all day. The next day he only mentioned them once, and that was regarding his migraine and pondering if a smoke would help, and I suggested it probably would not. The next day he didn’t bring them up at all, and then that night I asked him if he’d thought about it at all that day and he was like, “No, not until now. Thanks.” Oops, my bad. Anyways, this is super awesome! I hope I’m not jumping the gun here but I really feel like he’s quit this time. Normally by hour three he’s crabbing around that he needs a smoke (never mind he goes longer than three hours without smoking normally, it’s just *different* when he’s ‘quitting’, lol.)

I am sooooo excited that he’s finally decided on his own initiative, and not from me harping, to quit smoking. And just did it. Poof. I’m thrilled he’s taking this step towards his health. And he’s talking about getting a family gym pass in a few months when I’m healed up enough to start working out. I have NEVER gotten him to work out with me before. Maybe he won’t die in his forties after all! (I have always always had this wierd feeling that Chris would die super young. It used to creep him out but he’s over it.)

Oh and if anyone is curious, the Giant Grey Squirrel hasn’t tried to break in again. I have seen him loitering around the front of our house a little more than usual though. Maybe he thinks our floofy little dog is a girl-squirrel.

IMG_1711I know, I said she wasn’t ours, but she is now. 

2 thoughts on “32 weeks

  1. I'm happy for Chris and his trying to quit smoking! I hope he can keep it up, that's great news 🙂
    You look great Laura, can't wait to meet baby V!


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