28 week 3d ultrasound · Baby V

meet Baby V

We went for a 3D ultrasound yesterday! It was very cool. The video looks a lot cooler than the pictures and give you a way clearer idea of what baby will look like. A lot like Nicole, actually! Definitely siblings, lol. Quite a chubby pair of cheeks, for 28 weeks, and a very similar nose and face shape overall. We were going to be paying for a bigger package, but since the tech couldn’t get any good pics because baby was ‘either very shy or very stubborn’ (I’m gonna guess stubborn, if Nicole is any indicator) we got the lowest package price they had. We could have come back to try again for free but Chris and I were both willing to bet we wouldn’t have better luck next time. There were two major problems, one being that baby was snuggled up to the placenta and making things difficult (which could change if we tried again) but the bigger one being that baby constantly had one fist in the mouth and the other arm thrown around the head. Chris and I agreed that since Nicole used to sleep with both arms thrown around her head like that when she was a baby, odds were that this little one would have that same pose next time too. Especially as things are getting too crowded for gymnastics.

Anyways, here is a sneak peak! (minus the gender shots, we’re keeping that under wraps!)

VERSTEEG, LAURA_1  profile shotVERSTEEG, LAURA_3eye open, sucking on fist VERSTEEG, LAURA_4 VERSTEEG, LAURA_5 VERSTEEG, LAURA_6 VERSTEEG, LAURA_7 VERSTEEG, LAURA_8 VERSTEEG, LAURA_9chubby little cheeks!  Considering at 28 weeks babies have very little fat on their little bodies, lol. At this stage baby weighs about 2lbs! VERSTEEG, LAURA_10 VERSTEEG, LAURA_11 VERSTEEG, LAURA_12 VERSTEEG, LAURA_13So there you have it! If I can edit the video down a bit, unsure right now if I’ll be able to edit the format, I’ll post a clip… waaaay cooler and waaaay cuter.

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