Shit, son…

I’ll tell you what I do not wish on any of you, ever. I do not wish for you to get a skunk stuck in your window well. You would quickly discover that non-emergency services don’t want to touch it… Animal Control does not want to touch it… your buddy the police officer thinks its kindof funny and doesn’t want to touch it… the lady at Information is horrified but doesn’t want to touch it… and Wildlife&Conservation? Wildlife doesn’t work past 5 and Conservation will suggest an exterminator. Oh, and everyone wishes you luck.


(I particularly do not wish that a skunk get stuck in the window well beside your air intake vent. Oh, and everyone agrees that if it was just them they’d want to shoot it, but that you could get in a boatload of trouble because you’re not technically supposed to. But nobody is going to pull out a tranq gun for a skunk, either. Thanks, universe. Thanks.)

3 thoughts on “Shit, son…

  1. OK. This has me ROLLING on the floor!!!

    A couple of years ago, I woke up to a house that smelled AWFUL but no one else could smell it… I just assumed a skunk had gone by the house and moved on… Not the case… It had fallen down our back stairwell. Every couple of minutes it would run around being crazy, fall over and seizure and, of course, spray everything all over again! Naturally, it was a Saturday and a holiday weekend.

    Dad ended up shooting the poor thing but not before the entire house smelled so bad it made you gag.

    After attempting to air it out all day we had to get a way for a few minutes. We wound up at a local restaurant for dinner. About half way through our meal people start looking around. The table next to us says, “do you smell that?” Convinced they were smelling us, we were shoveling food in our mouths, trying to get out of there. About that time a whole family of skunks parade across the street. We laughed until we cried!


  2. OMG – you poor thing! That is the worst thing ever! What happened? Did they kill the thing? I feel so bad for you – big hugs 🙂 Isn't that just typical that nobody is available to help? like what are taxes for???? wTF?


  3. LMAO Ashlee, thank you for this! You had me rolling around laughing too. I totally feel you. The drama… the pity for the skunk… mixed with the horror of the skunk spraying your home… it is definitely something that we'll remember for the rest of our lives!


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