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Creamsicle & Fancy Tea Party part deux

Every time I grab something from the freezer I grin to myself as the box of frozen treats reminds me of the couple behind me in line who started squabbling over it… “Oh, I didn’t see that one, that’s what I wanted!” “It was right to the left of what we got…” “WHAT?! You saw it and didn’t say anything??!?!?!?!” “I said something! You just weren’t listening to me!” “You did not!” “I did so!” hehehe. They were not exactly subtle or quiet, either, which is what makes me grin. I’m pretty sure I’ve had almost the exact same conversation… generally once or twice a week 😉 

Here are the second half of the Fancy Tea Party pictures… I didn’t take half of them, and they are all pretty blah… Nicole is a bit of a hot mess because she was asleep in the car and wound up getting her braids pulled out over the course of the morning… but they kindof give a bit of an impression of how excited she was. (She looks a little deadpan, but normally she is a feral beast when freshly woken, so this is amazing.)IMG_1791 IMG_1792 IMG_1793 IMG_1795 IMG_1796 IMG_1797 IMG_1798 IMG_1799 IMG_1803 I’m not sure what Chris thought he was taking a picture of here, the focal point is the chair, but I thought I’d let it through since it’s the only evidence I was present… lol. Yup, that large pregnant lady in the back, piddling around at the stove…IMG_1805 Uncles and aunties and family friends and grandma and grandpa… I have a pretty young family, her aunts and uncles that were present are 18 and under.IMG_1807 BALLOON. K seriously, her favourite present? BALLOONS. Next year I’m skipping Toys R Us and sticking to Party Stuff, man. As for her gifts, she got a Fancy Nancy dolls (actually, she got two, kindof, and got to pick one… very drama drama. She picked the one I liked better. Peace in the jungle. Mommy wins.) … two puzzles … a toothbrush with her name on it… a PEZ dispenser… a Little Peoples playset… and prior to her birthday, grandma got her ears pierced and bought her Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy, the current favourite book. The Nancy doll she got is wearing the outfit from the cover of that book, actually.

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